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Wall flush lights come in many different shapes, colours and sizes. However they do have one thing in common, they are all a great way to add a style signature to a room's look and feel. Fundamentally they are a very practical and well suited option for smaller rooms. When considering lighting options it is always a good idea to know your limitations when it comes to room size. Click here for a guide to wall lights.

What room are you buying for?

For the living room:

It may be a good idea to install wall flush lighting that is soft, inviting and subtle. You may even want something that has a modern or futuristic feel to it. We have a great range to choose from.

For the hallway:

Flush lighting will be very appropriate for this space. Generally in most homes hallways are relatively narrow so this type of lighting will suit perfectly. This is a great way to add an art deco character to your hallway. For more help choosing hallway lights click here.

For the bathroom:

Again wall flush lights are extremely well suited to this area of the home. They help to maximise space and generally bathrooms are quite small. In terms of appearance they also add to the clean and fresh environment. Click here for more help with bathroom lights.

Above are some of the areas where we feel wall flush lighting could work well. However this is just our opinion. What is really important is your opinion.