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Solar Lights

Solar lights are without a doubt the way of the future. These days everyone needs to be aware of their carbon footprint and the possible steps they can take to protect the environment. Solar is, of course, the most environmentally friendly lighting solution by employing the sun’s completely renewable source of energy.

Not only is solar the most environmentally friendly lighting option it is also the cheapest, as once you have purchased your product there are no electricity costs.

The high quality of modern technology means that solar is now competitive with other forms of lighting, so why not embrace the future with modern solar.

What are you looking for in a solar light?

Are you looking for an interesting garden feature?

We have a beautiful range of interesting, quirky and imaginative Solar Feature Lights. They are a great way to add character and charm to your garden.

What about something with a motion sensor?

Do you need a solar light that will switch on automatically? They are a great security/safety feature and, of course very cost effective. Click here for some of our PIR Movement Sensor Solar Lights.

How about long life security lighting?

Are you looking for a very cost effective way to beef up your home security? Our range of LED Solar Floodlights are a great way to maximise your cash. They won't run up your electricity bills and as they are all LED, they will last for a long while.

What about something with a contemporary look?

If you are looking for solar lights because you love all things modern and up to date then you need to have a look through our range of contemporary solar fittings.

Solar lights are a remarkable example of human ability to harness our surroundings and make the most of what we have. On top of that they are efficient in almost every sense of the word, and if you hate being wasteful they will suit you down to the ground. Click here for an in-depth look at solar lighting.

At Lighting Direct we have such a wide range of lighting we are bound to have what you are looking for.

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