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  1. Edit Coastal Port Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Matt Nickel

  2. Elstead Norfolk Large Half Lantern Outdoor Wall Light - Black

  3. Elstead Norfolk Outdoor Hanging Lantern Wall Light - Black

  4. Elstead Mansion House Pendant Porch Lantern - Polished Nickel

  5. Hinkley Carson 5 Light Outdoor Chandelier - Vintage Iron

  6. Hinkley Huntersfield 3 Light Large Pendant Porch Lantern - Black with Clear Seeded Glass

  7. Edit Coastal Beacon Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Pewter

  8. Edit Coastal Board Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

  9. Edit Coastal Mate Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

  10. Edit Oslo Outdoor Semi-Flush Ceiling Light - Black

  11. Gun Outdoor Flush Ceiling Light - Coffee

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    Special Price £19.57 Regular Price £43.49
  12. Edit Cloud Small Pendant Porch Light - White

  13. Edit Akron Outdoor Flush Ceiling Light - Anthracite

  14. Edit Leros Square Outdoor Flush Ceiling Light - Anthracite

  15. Edit Cloud Large Pendant Porch Light - White

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    Special Price £44.77 Regular Price £99.49
  16. Edit Modesto Outdoor Pendant Porch Light - Black

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    Special Price £16.00 Regular Price £39.99
  17. Sunglasses Outdoor Twin LED Ceiling Spotlight - Anthracite

  18. Edit Velence Outdoor Pendant Porch Lantern - White

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    Special Price £10.00 Regular Price £24.99
  19. Astro Classic Mashiko 360 Wall Light - Polished Chrome

  20. Astro Bronte Porch Light

  21. Astro Calvi Pendant Porch Lantern - Black

  22. Elstead St Martins Half Lantern Outdoor Wall Light - Brass

  23. Searchlight Swinford Porch Lantern - Black

  24. Dar Salcombe Stainless Steel Outdoor Wall Light - Round

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Porch lights are a great way to add not only light to the entrance of your home but also style and elegance. First impressions are important, so install one of our graceful fittings to bring out the beauty in the front of your home and welcome people over the threshold. Porch lighting is also a necessary safety feature for a lot of houses with particularly dark garden paths. You don't want a family member or guest falling and hurting themselves before they have even got through the door.

What style of porch light is right for your home?

For small porches:

Please bear in mind that size is very important when consider which porch light to buy. For example, if you have a small entrance you don't want something hanging down that visitors will knock their heads in to. For a selection of discreet entrance lights click here.

Do you want to make a statement of style?

Are you looking to add to the grand image your house presents and make an even more spectacular first impression? If so then click here for our range of hanging pendant porch lights.

Porch lights can add so much to the front of your property. If you are trying to sell your home or looking for a quick way to add aesthetic value then a well-chosen entrance feature light can really make a positive impact. Take your time and have a look at our full range of porch lighting, you're bound to find something amazing. Alternatively have a read of our review of some of the best half lantern lights.