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Plug and play lights are an amazingly simple and fun way to install stylish garden illumination yourself. This, of course, means you save money by not having to hire an electrician and you can get your garden lighting going as soon as you get home. This type of lighting will suit you down to the ground if you are a lover of D.I.Y. If you have invested lots of time and effort into creating a beautiful outdoor space you'll want to finish it off yourself. Plug and play lights give you the satisfaction of installing and bring your garden lighting to life without the help of anyone else. If you need more in-depth information about plug and play click here.

What are you looking for?

Something more versatile?

If you need a light that is totally protected against dust and against long periods of immersion under pressure have a look at our IP68 rated lights. They are suitable for installation in swimming pools.

A modern stylish look?

Installing lights with a contemporary feel can really help to make a garden look refreshed and modernised. You can style this range of lighting in any way you like: highlight one area of your garden or place the lights around the edges, it’s your garden and you can do it your way.

Plug and play lights let you safely install the garden lighting you want. If you are looking for a hassle free solution that doesn't require an electrician this type of lighting will suit you perfectly. After all if you have personally landscaped your garden why would you want someone else to finish it off and steal your thunder?

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