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Plug & Play Outdoor LightsPlug & Play Outdoor Lights
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  1. Techmar Plug and Play - Atila White LED Outdoor Post Light

  2. Techmar Plug and Play - Oak LED Garden Post Lights - Set of 3

  3. Techmar Plug and Play - Arcus LED Garden Spotlight

  4. Techmar Plug and Play - Colour Changing LED Ground Light - 300mm

  5. Techmar Plug and Play - Arigo LED Garden Spotlight - Stainless Steel

  6. Techmar Plug and Play - Sitta Outdoor Half Lantern LED Wall Light - Black

  7. Techmar Plug and Play - Limosa Outdoor Tall Post Light - Black

  8. Techmar Plug and Play - Goura LED Outdoor Twin Wall Light - Anthracite

  9. Techmar Plug and Play - Mauri LED Outdoor Twin Wall Light - Black

  10. Techmar Plug and Play - Rubum Smart Plus LED Ground Light - Black

  11. Techmar Plug and Play - Focus Smart Plus LED Outdoor Garden Spotlight - Black

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Plug & Play Solutions for smaller gardensPlug & Play Solutions for smaller gardens

When you’re thinking about lighting up your garden, whether for the summer months or all year round, there are several power options available to you. Solar lighting, and battery powered lights are great choices, but if you have access to an outside socket, plug and play lights are one of the simplest ways to light up your garden.

Our range of plug and play garden lights allows you to light up your garden exactly the way that you want it to be – without any fuss. You simply choose the lighting combination that makes sense in your garden, with the transformer that is right for the lights and any accessories you have chosen. When you receive your lights, you simply need to position the lights where you want them, connect the cables and the transformer, plug them in, and you’re done. Because our plug and play garden lights require low voltages, they are low risk, and the cables don’t need to be buried – they can simply be hidden amongst your flowers.

The great thing about our range of plug and play garden lights is that you can choose the exact type of lighting that is right for your outdoor space. Perhaps you need a kit that contains just three garden spotlights, to highlight the favourite features of your garden. Maybe you need to add a post light, or walkover lights so that your path or decking can be safely navigated during the darker winter months. A garden wall light, to highlight the outside of your summer house, or maybe LED string lights? You’ll find all of these in our range of plug and play garden lights, as well as super-functional lighting such as floodlights, and the accessories that you need to manage your lighting, including remote control receivers, dusk to dawn timers, PIR sensors and Bluetooth smart switches.