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  1. Elstead Glenbeigh Porch / Pedestal Light

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  2. Lutec Unite LED Outdoor Pedestal Light - Black

  3. Lutec Corniche Outdoor Pedestal Light - Black

  4. Lutec Flair Outdoor Pedestal Light - Matt Black

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  5. Lutec Kelsey Outdoor Pedestal Light - Black

  6. Elstead York Pedestal Lantern

  7. Elstead Wexford Outdoor Pedestal Light

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  8. Elstead Rimini Pedestal Light - Black

  9. Elstead Hornbaek Pedestal Light - Black

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  10. Elstead Chapel Mini Pedestal Lantern

  11. Elstead Norfolk Pedestal Lantern

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  12. Elstead Poole Outdoor Pedestal Light

  13. Lutec Fia Outdoor Pedestal Light - Black

  14. Lutec Pine Outdoor Pedestal Light - Black

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Pedestal lights are shorter than bollards, post lights or lampposts and are commonly used on top of walls, brick pedestals, or steps. Often they're installed in pairs on the outer garden wall of a home to highlight a driveway entrance. Pedestal lights are a great way of adding visual appeal to a property and are available at all price points.

Choosing the right style

Traditional pedestal lights are ideal for homes with a dated architectural style. Usually these have a lantern design, whereas contemporary pedestals are far more diverse. Some modern designs are understated enough to be used outside traditional properties, so it's a good idea not to filter out contemporary styles too quickly when buying for the older home.

Near unbreakable

If you want to install garden lights but are worried about their fragility or the attention of vandals, polycarbonate pedestals offer one solution. These are shatter resistant and are virtually impossible to break if accidentally struck or targeted with thrown stones. Note that various items not included in a ‘vandal resistant' filtered search still feature tough polycarbonate diffusers or windowpanes.

Coastal use

If you happen to live near the sea, you'll need to shop for pedestal lights by construction material. Copper, galvanised steel or polycarbonate materials naturally protect against salt corrosion. Die cast aluminium or stainless steel products are not suitable for installing close to the sea, regardless of any anti-corrosion guarantee (this will be invalidated if an unsuitable product is exposed to airborne salt).