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  1. Lucide Tatum LED Garden Spotlight - Anthracite

  2. Lucide Spike LED Garden Spotlight - Black

  3. Lucide Arne LED Garden Spotlight - Black

  4. Lucide Arne LED Garden Spotlight - Satin Chrome

  5. Lucide Manal LED Garden Spotlight - Anthracite

  6. Lucide Tatum LED Garden Stake Spotlight - Anthracite

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Garden spotlights are a great way to give an instantaneous modern feel to your garden area. This type of lighting is extremely versatile and gives you directional control over the focus of the beam. You can use this control to express yourself creatively with the lighting in your garden. Use them to highlight your favourite areas, and when you get bored you can change the lighting to produce a totally different affect.

If you are the kind of person that enjoys changing the furniture around and can't stand the same old thing for too long then installing some spotlights will let you refresh your garden lighting whenever the mood takes you. If you want more in-depth information about garden spotlights click here.

What do you need from a garden spotlight?

Something cost effective?

If you are looking for spotlights that will stand the test of time and save you money in the long run click here for our range of LED Garden Spotlights. However the most cost effective solution will be something from our Solar Spotlight range. It goes without saying that both LED and solar are extremely friendly to the environment.

To be fitted in a swimming pool?

You will need an especially robust light if it is to be installed underwater at a depth of greater than 1 meter. A spotlight for a swimming pool with need to carry an IP68 rating this will guarantee it is suitable for purpose. Click here for IP68 rated garden spotlights.

There are a great many uses for garden spotlights and they can be fitted in pretty much any area of the garden, even underwater. Please make sure your choice of lighting meets the requirements you need before you buy it. At Lighting Direct we have a comprehensive range of the highest quality and the most stylish fittings. Take your time and browse through all we have to offer.