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  1. 17.5M Weatherproof LED GLS Festoon Lighting Kit - 20 Lights

  2. 22M Weatherproof Festoon Lighting - 40 Black Bulb Holders

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  3. 16M Weatherproof Festoon Lighting -15 Black Bulb Holders

  4. 5M Connectable Heavy Duty Festoon Lights - 10 Black Bulb Holders

  5. 20M Connectable Festoon Lights - 20 Black Bulb Holders

  6. 5M Connectable Heavy Duty Hanging Festoon Lights - 10 Black Bulb Holders

  7. 10M Weatherproof Cool White LED Festoon Lighting Kit - 10 Lights

  8. 10M Weatherproof Warm White LED Festoon Lighting Kit - 10 Lights

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When you want to light up a space with a more festive look and feel, string lighting has always been a great option, with festoon lights offering the highest impact. Their bigger size makes them far more visible than fairy lights, and means that they can be used as a source of ambient light in a space, as well as for decoration.


Festoon lights first became mainstream in carnival settings and in industrial settings, where there were generators that could create the large amounts of power that they needed. They were not only expensive to buy, but they were also expensive to run, and if a bulb was accidentally broken, it cost a lot to replace. Thankfully, today festoon lights are available to buy at an affordable price, for homes to use both indoors and outdoors – and replacement bulbs are much cheaper too.

Running costs for festoons have been dramatically lowered by the use of LED technology, which requires much smaller amounts of power to create much more brightness – so your electricity bill isn’t impacted nearly as much as it once would have been! In fact, festoon lights can be completely free of electricity costs if they are intended to be used outdoors if you choose solar powered ones, which simply need the solar panel to be in the sun for a few hours, and they will run all evening.


The cheerful look that festoons offer is perfect for brightening up homes and gardens year round, but especially during the run up to Christmas, and during the warmer months when using gardens into the evening. Our range includes festoons with white bulbs with different colour temperatures, as well as multicoloured ones that are perfect for Christmas. And you wouldn’t expect us to have just one type of bulb, or one design – in our range, you’ll find different varieties of festoons to perfectly suit your home and garden.