Decorative Filament Bulbs

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Decorative filament bulbs can help to emphasise a number of different interior design styles. They can be used as part of a coarse industrial feel, an ultra-sleek contemporary design or incorporated into a rustic situation. This type of bulb is perfect if you want to make a feature of the lighting in your home. They can also add a comforting and relaxed feel to an interesting interior.

It is, of course, best to use them in open fittings where they are clearly on display. For a modern design feel you may want to install them in a simple uncovered pendant fitting to show them off to their full potential.

They come in lots of different shapes and sizes and each one has an imaginatively eye catching filament design. The vast majority of decorative filament bulbs generally use low wattage incandescent technology. You will often find them in very warm colour temperatures such as 2000 kelvin. This is so the light itself is more of a creative feature than a practical source of lighting.