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  1. Dar Gloucester Touch Lamps - Antique Brass - Set of 2

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Table and floor lamp sets are a dynamic way to add your own personal style to a room’s interior design. They need to be placed correctly to get the most out of them in terms of both style and lighting effect. These sets are very versatile, you can reposition them in many different combinations to create different lighting and décor styles.

They are one of life’s great combinations like gin and tonic or fish and chips. This little and large partnership will help to bring your home to life.

Perfect positioning:

For a smaller room:

The size of a particular room will greatly influence how you can manipulate the positioning of a table and floor lamp set. In a smaller room the lights will be closer together and therefore need to be positioned to work well in unison, as the light will probably be combined.

For a larger room:

Obviously a larger space gives you more room to play with the lighting and style effect. If you choose to position them near each other they will be a stronger main source of lighting. However position them further apart and they will become two independent but smaller areas of light. This gives you more options for highlighting the areas you like and covering up those you don’t.

For the living room:

It really comes down to the style and size of the room to dictate correct positioning for a table and floor lamp set. However please keep some practical consideration in mind, such as reflection off TV screens and positioning for reading under.

For the bedroom:

A table and floor lamp set can be a fantastic way to add amorous lighting to the most intimate of rooms. It may be better to keep the two lights apart in the bedroom for contrast between light and shadow to create an alluring atmosphere.

Table and floor lamp sets are not only fun but they are also a wonderfully simple way for you to start experimenting with the lighting in your home. Also if you bore quickly of a particular look you can reposition them to create a new feel.

At lighting Direct we love the amazing variety of ways that lighting can bring warmth and depth to homes of all kind.