Decorative Lights for Indoors

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  1. Edit Crate Semi-Flush Ceiling Light - Black

  2. Astro Amalfi 315 Ceramic Up & Down Wall Light

  3. Edit Piano Tripod Floor Lamp

  4. Edit Eye 6 Light Bar Spotlight Plate - White

  5. Lucide Lionel Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  6. Dar Lukas Glass Chandelier - Antique Gold

  7. Astro Milo 310 Ceramic Up & Down Wall Light

  8. Edit Crate 5 Light Semi-Flush Bar Ceiling Pendant – Black

  9. Dar Academy 4 Arm Ceiling Pendant Light - Matt Black

  10. Lucide Scott Wall Light - Black

  11. Astro Marasino White Plaster Floor Uplighter - White

  12. Astro Ascoli 4 Light Bar Spotlight Plate - Matt Black

  13. Edit Bergen Up & Down Wall Light - Graphite

  14. Edit Haga Up & Down Wall Light - White

  15. Edit Viviane 3 Light Semi-Flush Ceiling Light - Grey

  16. Lucide Possio Wall Light

  17. Astro Serifos 220 Plaster Up & Down Wall Light

  18. Astro Mashiko 300 Round Flush Light - Bronze

  19. Lucide Maloto 30 Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Green

  20. Astro Ascoli 5 Light Bar Spotlight Plate - Matt Black

  21. Lucide Joanet 6 Light Glass Bar Ceiling Pendant - Smoke Grey

  22. Edit Scope Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Clear

  23. Luxia Theo Toucan Table Lamp - Gold

  24. Edit Scope Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Smoked

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Sometimes, lighting can be significantly more than just a way to be able to see what you’re doing during the hours of darkness – sometimes, it can be a way to add ambience to the room, or a way to accessorise and add visual interest without adding extra clutter.


What is defined as a decorative light for indoors very much depends upon the room – the decorative light that you might choose for a dining room is likely to be quite different to the ones you would choose for your children’s bedrooms! The possibilities for decorative lights for indoors really are endless though, and there are floor lamps and table lamps of all shapes and sizes, as well as a whole host of different types of lighting.


For rooms that are more grown-up, Tiffany style designs are often favoured – and the lead and coloured glass are incredibly striking. In bedrooms and home offices, decorative lights might reflect hobbies and interests. Designers have worked all kinds of shapes into lighting – skateboards and guitars work especially well for a teenager’s bedroom, as do string lights. Festoon lights can provide enough lighting to replace or supplement wall lights, and strings of fairy lights – particularly those with kitsch, on-trend motifs like cacti, or unicorns – can add character.


In bedrooms and bathrooms, and other spaces where relaxation takes place, decorative lights that incorporate materials such as salt crystals are popular, as well as lighting that mesmerises, such as lava lamps. Where the use of candles can be hazardous – such as where pets or young children are present – then battery powered LED candles are a great option to create the effect of candlelight without the risk of fire.


Lighting can be incorporated into furniture too, and there is a growing range of luminous furniture lighting, such as coffee tables – these are great in rooms that are small, or particularly dark. Illuminating furniture has become easier as the use of LEDs has grown, and LED strip lights can be used throughout the home to provide functional, and decorative lighting.


Many decorative lighting options are battery powered, or have rechargeable batteries inbuilt, and this is possible because LEDs require relatively small amounts of power to provide bright lights. LEDs are also pretty flexible in that many are able to change the colour temperature – from cool white, to warm white – and even change the colour completely, as well as being able to change the brightness to suit the mood.


Because LEDs are so efficient and battery technology improving, this presents opportunities for decorative lighting to be useful, as well as looking great. Many decorative lighting styles are starting to incorporate Bluetooth speakers, and USB chargers, which also means they’re ideal for use outdoors where access to power is difficult too – in the garden, and while camping. If you’re planning to use your decorative lighting where it might get wet (including in kitchens and bathrooms) be certain to check the safety rating before you make your purchase.