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Why choose Low-Voltage Lighting?

Author: Sarah Wigmore
Published: February 25, 2014

One of the main benefits of installing low-voltage lighting is safety. When choosing light fittings for the home we often turn our attention to colour and style, but should we give more thought to safety?

One of the best ways of reducing the risk of injury when using electrical equipment is to reduce the voltage. With low-voltage lighting the power comes from a transformer, which converts 240V mains supply into a much lower 12V. Mains-voltage electricity can potentially deliver a fatal shock to humans, whereas low-voltage cannot.

Outside the home

Easy Installation

Low-voltage lighting for your outdoor space is quick and easy to install. Thanks to the safety benefits, cabling does not have to be buried as deep beneath the ground. The transformer connects to a cable that can distribute low-voltage electricity to several lighting devices.

Low voltage lighting image 1

The Arigo Garden Spotlight is a great choice for dotting along your garden beds to highlight the flowers. It is also incredibly durable and because it carries an IP68 rating can be completely submerged underwater.

With no risk of electric shock you can safely install low-voltage lights yourself. Moving the cabling around is completely hazard free, so you can reposition your garden lighting whenever you want.

Safety First

When tending to your borders it will not be life-threatening if your spade damages the cabling. Low-voltage lighting is also a safe option if you have children or pets playing in the garden. If you do have an accident with a low-voltage cable it is usually much easier to fix.

Inside the home

You don’t have to compromise on style of fitting when choosing low-voltage lighting. In fact, the design can be even more creative when the voltage used is safer.

Low voltage lighting image 2


The Crystal Bathroom 4 Light Plate comes with G4 low voltage capsules and an integrated transformer. Completely safe for bathroom use, this fitting gives you the best of both worlds with its glamorous design. Don’t forget, though, that mains-voltage fittings are safe for bathroom use providing they have a high enough IP rating. This indicates the level of protection against hazardous water and dust.

Low voltage lighting image 3


Make a statement with the Galileo 20 Light Pendant - 2 Metre Drop. Supplied complete with G4 low-voltage halogen capsules, this magnificent ceiling pendant will add the wow factor to any grand hallway.

Low voltage lighting image 4


Another advantage of low-voltage spotlighting is that it often emits less heat. The Venice Directional Downlight – White is a smart and practical low-voltage fitting ideal for the kitchen.

Low voltage lighting image 5

For an alternative look, choose the Sunbeam Wire Light System. A modern take on the traditional spotlight, this low-voltage fitting with transformer, cabling, and movable spotlights, is perfect for a stylish kitchen.

Low voltage lighting image 6

Living Room

A crisp white light is achieved when displaying paintings with the Litho Picture Light - Antique Brass. This stylish picture light has a built-in transformer and comes with two 12V halogen capsules. Low-voltage halogen bulbs produce a noticeably crisper light than 240V equivalents. Coupled with their superb colour rendering, this makes them ideal for showing off your artwork.

It's worth keeping low voltage fittings in mind when choosing the lighting for in and around your home. They are an excellent safety feature and as you can see from above you don't have to compromise on style.

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