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Using lighting to create a perfect ‘enchanted forest’ wedding theme à la Pippa Middleton

Author: Richard Bevan
Published: June 2, 2017

So you’ve scrutinised every inch of press coverage for the inside scoop on the Middleton-Matthews wedding, looking to introduce some elements of their big day into yours. The rather large glass structure provided the backdrop to what has been described as an ‘enchanted forest’ theme, filled with a plethora of pink-blossomed trees decked out with purple lights.

Your budget might not stretch to the glass marquee and you may not be in a position to project images of yourself and your other half onto the outside of the venue, but you probably can afford to use lighting to enhance your wedding reception. In fact, if you get it right, you can probably spend less on other types of decor as the illuminations will create more of an impact than flowers or favours, and will certainly provide the backdrop to some stunning photographs.

Enchanted Forest

If you’ve been stopped in your wedding-planning tracks by the ‘enchanted forest’ theme then look no further than these dual power multi coloured festoon lights. They can either be solar or battery powered, so are suitable for indoor or outdoor use at any time of year to illuminate a whimsical woodland setting.

0 LED Dual Power Solar Festoon Lights - Multi Coloured

Candles were reportedly a key feature of Pippa’s wedding but not all venues allow naked flames: if yours doesn’t, then consider an LED, battery-powered candle such as these almond wax candles.

Sirius Sara Battery Operated LED Almond Wax Candle 250mm

If you’re looking for a subtle but twinkly backdrop that isn’t a feature in itself, then this multi-coloured solar string might fit the bill:

50 Outdoor Multi Colour LED Solar String Lights

And if you are hiring any plants as Pippa did, you might consider lighting them from the base rather than in the branches - or both. These LED planters are both stunning and innovative - and can be grouped together for maximum impact.

Assisi LED Planter

If you’re just starting to plan the lighting elements of your wedding, here are our ten top tips for getting it just right:

  1. If your budget can stretch to it, use the services of an independent wedding planner or your contact at the wedding venue, who will have seen various lighting solutions and can advise you about what works best.
  2. Assess what lighting is already available at the venue and ask what you are allowed to bring in - for example, some venues have a policy of no naked flames, so as above, battery operated candles could be a good solution.
  3. Consider whether you want a different vibe in individual rooms or whether you want to maximise the budget in one area - e.g. creating a real ‘wow’ factor as guests arrive.
  4. Ensure you visit the venue at the time of year that you are planning to get married (or if you can’t, then ask for photographs) so you can judge how different rooms will look drenched in sunlight or on a grey winter’s day.
  5. Additionally, think through how the light will change during the course of the day and whether guests are likely to be outside on a warm evening.
  6. Speak to your wedding photographer about lighting plans - they may bring specific kit to capture your day in all its glory.
  7. Do you want to highlight certain areas - such as a beautiful cake or the area where speeches will be made?
  8. Are you planning to incorporate lighting into your table decorations? If so, you need to brief your florist accordingly.
  9. If you are decorating the venue yourself, double or even triple the time you think it will take to install lighting - it always takes far longer than you might expect!
  10. Get your guests involved - glow sticks, sparklers and floating lanterns can all make the day more magical.<l/i>