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Top 10 IP Rated Outdoor Lights

Author: Martin James
Published: March 20, 2013

When thinking about lighting any outdoor space, one of your biggest considerations is of course the weather. Hard to ignore at the best of times, the British weather throws up specific challenges that any outside lights you buy need certified protection against.

Lighting Direct's versatile range of IP rated outdoor lights is not only guaranteed to cover your outside lighting needs in complete safety, but doesn't require you to compromise one bit on design and aesthetics in the process. In this article we take a look at 10 top IP rated outside lights to give you some inspiration.

IP ratings explained

Before we get started, it's fair to say water and electricity aren't a good mix, and so outside lighting products need to be built to make sure the two never come into contact. That's where the IP rating system comes in. Using a series of numbers, each with specific meanings, it tells you exactly which environmental elements the IP rated product is protected against – for example dust, water and the like – and to exactly what degree.

For more information on IP Ratings, including a full breakdown on what the numbers themselves actually stand for, check out our IP Ratings Explained guide. Suffice to say the IP system gives you guaranteed peace of mind. The IP code tells you exactly the weather conditions an outside light is certified to withstand, and exactly those it isn't.

Highly rated outside lights

IP rated outdoor lights image 1

LED PIR Twin Floodlight

This floodlight offers the perfect mix of security features and energy saving efficiency. Its two IP44 rated floodlights consume just 8W of power each and its sensor can be switched between PIR movement and dusk-to-dawn photocell settings as desired. Each floodlight can also be independently panned and tilted to face in exactly the direction you want.

IP rated outdoor lights image 2

Maronello Standard Wall Light

Its modern aluminium and stainless steel design makes the Maranello wall light a real head turner, and with a three-year guarantee and IP54 rating ensuring protection against dust and water sprays, this is one outside light that's as durable as it is attractive.

IP rated outdoor lights image 3

Mono Low Energy Brick Light

This stainless steel brick light certainly boasts some impressive numbers: IP65 protection against dust and rain, 18W low energy bulbs designed to last 10,000 hours, and energy savings of up to 80% over standard incandescent lighting. Plus it's designed to fit perfectly into a brick-sized hole, so can be incorporated seamlessly into the outside of your home.

IP rated outdoor lights image 4

Brass Swan Neck Sign Light

You can't beat solid polished brass for old-school charm, and with a pre-drilled wall plate and pre-wired leads the Swan Neck Sign Light offers convenience too. The perfect outside light for illuminating outdoor signs, and with IP43 protection it's rainproof too.

IP rated outdoor lights image 5

Catalpa Spotlights – Set of 3

With their striking appearance, convenient ‘plug and play’ compatibility and full IP68 rating (protecting against even long periods of high-pressure immersion), the Catalpa Spotlights set has to be one of the safest and versatile ground-based outdoor lighting systems money can buy. The set even includes a fourth connection plus extra leads and transformer so you can add another single spotlight anytime you like.

IP rated outdoor lights image 6

Messina LED Ground Light

Boasting an incredible life expectancy of 40,000 hours, the nine-LED Messina ground light produces 20 lumens of light output and comes with full IP68 rating for maximum protection against the elements. The polycarbonate casing and textured diffuser combination makes for a physically versatile outside light equally at home in both paths and driveways.

IP rated outdoor lights image 7

Barton Spotlight

Designed to visually accentuate the exterior of your home, the Barton Spotlight is great looking in its own right thanks to its polycarbonate casing and contemporary design. Its IP44 rating protects it against objects bigger than 1mm and means the Barton can withstand splashing water.

IP rated outdoor lights image 8

Vejers Standard Post – Galvanised

Don't let its name mislead you – the great-looking Vejers Standard Post is far from standard when it comes to features. Its IP54 rating gives all the protection you need for a garden post light and the galvanised steel construction is so well regarded for its anti-corrosive properties that it comes with an incredible 15-year guarantee against corrosion. Nothing standard about that!

IP rated outdoor lights image 9

Everbright Solar Fairy Lights – Warm White

These IP56-rated fairy lights incorporate 300 LEDs, but don't worry – thanks to the standalone solar panel you can charge by day and illuminate by night without troubling the mains supply at all. Multiple fittings let you mount your LED fairy lights on the wall, in the ground or in the decking, and eight lighting modes mean you can create whatever mood you want.

IP rated outdoor lights image 10

Assisi Large LED Planter

You'll go a long way to find another outdoor lighting concept either as clever or visually striking as the Assisi LED Planter. Describing it as a plant pot that's also a source of light doesn't really do it justice, and the bold illumination of the crisp white light creates an inviting visual effect that demands to be looked at. Plus, with an IP44 rating guaranteed, you can rest assured the Assisi Planter isn't just attractive, but protected against the elements too.

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