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Wall Lights Guide

Wall lights can add that perfect finishing touch to a room; whether you’re re-designing your bathroom, redecorating your kitchen or giving your living-room a quick revamp, they can completely change the look and feel of your home. You can use wall lights to illuminate dark corners or features that are usually swallowed up by shadows. ‘They can even be used as your room’s main light source.

Here at Lighting Direct, there are wall fittings for every room and occasion; from picture lights that highlight works of art to subtle recessed lighting. Whatever type of light you want we are bound to have the right one for you.

What would look good on your wall?

To flush or not to flush?

Flush wall lights can make a massive difference to the appearance of a room. The light is generally either diffused or dispersed up the wall creating a soft and comforting tone of illumination. They are generally suited to living or bedrooms but would also fit perfectly in a dining room. Flush lighting is also more discreet than other styles of fittings. They are still beautifully designed but are more about function rather than making an impact. There is also a lot of crossover with flush wall lights and uplighters.

Wall lights guide image 1

Define the room

Wall lights are not just for illumination they are also very much for decoration as well. You can use them to signify your chosen style in a particular room. For example the Brightwell 1 Light Wall Light will instantly endow the appropriate room with modern grandeur.

Wall lights guide image 2

The Zaragoza Wall Light on the other hand could sit perfectly in a 1970s cigar-club themed room. These two examples show that well chosen wall lights can play a big part in defining a room’s character.

Wall lights guide image 3

Spot or hide

Spot lighting is perfect for open plan areas and spacious kitchens. Ideal for highlighting features or perhaps even hiding the areas you don’t like. Why not show off that new range cooker with our Comet 5 light plate? Spot lighting is always a wonderfully crisp and clear source of light. However when wall mounted it is easier to redirect them if you want to quickly change the ambiance of the room. To create a soft and romantic mood you could simply twist the heads so the light is cast up the wall for the perfect uplighter effect.

Wall lights guide image 4

look into the light

Mirror wall lights are a beautiful marriage of modern style and functionality. Not only are they indispensable when it comes to male or female personal grooming but they are also a great way to add a really contemporary feel to your bathroom. The Zodiac Mirror Light, complete with shaver socket, is such an attractive fitting you won’t be able to stop looking in the mirror.

Wall lights guide image 5

Ready for a change

With ceramic wall lights you can buy them plain and in the case of the unglazed models paint them to match your furnishings or use a signature colour to make them into a feature of their own. This is very useful if you are re-designing and want the wall lights to match the decor but haven’t chosen a colour scheme yet. Simply install and paint them later once you’ve picked your colours! The Amalfi Ceramic Wall Light is the perfect example for this type of light. It has a beautiful three tiered curved body that is ready to paint.


So don’t feel like you have your back against the wall when it comes to choosing the right lights for your home. Take a longer look at our range of Wall Lights and add the finishing touches to your home.

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Maxine Clarke Senior Buyer

Maxine has been our decorative buyer since 2015. With her experience in working for consumer-led brands, she is the perfect person to pick out the latest lighting trends for both your home and business. Maxine has an eye for the best up-and-coming lighting from the UK and around the world and works tirelessly to add new brands to our portfolio. One of her trends to watch in 2020 is connectable garden lighting; with summer garden parties more and more popular, being able to build and extend your own outdoor lighting with spotlights, festoons and string lights has never been easier – simply plug and play.


Wall lights: maximise your interior space

Wall lights are becoming increasingly important in home décor as more and more people are giving greater consideration to how they use lighting. Wall lights, spot lights, flush lights and uplighters can all introduce different tones and colours, as well as different levels of brightness into a room, creating atmosphere and character.

Making the most of your lights

You need to consider both style and functionality when it comes to getting the best from your wall lights. Accent lighting, for example, from a spotlight or picture light can be used to display paintings or show off objects of interest. Remember the lighting needs to work perfectly with the furnishings.

Wall lights image 1

Wall brackets

Single bracket wall lights are a good place to start to explore the options available and the effects they can create. The Rectory Single Wall Light for instance can be used in conjunction with a ceiling fitting or on its own for a soft tonal lighting effect.

Wall lights image 2

Double wall brackets will, of course, offer greater illumination. The Lily Twin Wall Light is a sleek and elegant fitting with a floral quality to its design.

Wall lights image 3

If you want something more striking and dominant then the Luther Twin Wall Light could be the one for you with its satin chrome finish and crystal style glass shades this is a profoundly eye-catching piece of lighting.

Wall lights image 4



Spotlights are the simplest way of drawing the eye to an object or feature directly with the full intensity of directional light. With imagination and clever placement though they can also be used to reflect light in many interesting ways. If you want to get creative with your lighting you can bounce it off objects, walls, ceilings or even mirrors. The Davida is a great example of a single spotlight fitting that is perfect for highlighting your spaces’ notable features.

Wall lights image 6



Uplighters are another great source of ambient lighting that can provide both light and shade, the kind of contrast that gives depth and character to a room. Uplighters can be floor lights or wall lights, like our range of Otis Ceramic Wall Lights.

Wall lights image 7

If you’re on more of a budget you can still achieve some dramatic effects with our extremely popular and great value Polo Wall Light. These can be painted to fit in with your overall decor while still providing warm, rich ambient light.

Wall lights image 8


Flush lighting

Flush lighting offers the same effect as an uplighter with the added bonus of providing downward light too. The Hove range like the Polo is made of ceramic so can be painted to slip unobtrusively into your overall décor.

Wall lights image 9

The Swirl Flush Wall Light is again subtle with an understated charm. It produces soft homely diffused light perfect for creating a relaxing living space.

The wall lights mentioned above are just a few ‘well chosen examples’ taken from our extensive range. Feel free to take a look at our full range of wall lights and browse at your leisure.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for more inspiration try our Lighting Ideas section.


Fine art lighting – display and preservation

If you’re investing in fine art, which might include a painting, print, photograph, or sculpture, some thought needs to go into how it’s displayed and where it is located. The things that would destroy art sometimes hide in light. Click here for picture lights.

Colour temperature and heat

The kelvin temperature scale is used to numerically label different colours of light, ranging from red to orange, to yellow, white, blue-white, and finally blue. For example, a warm-coloured incandescent bulb of yellow hue usually has a 2700 kelvin colour temperature, whilst a bluer LED light might be 4000K. Confusingly, a higher temperature refers to a cooler-looking light. Note that colour temperature is a reflection of actual heat in an incandescent or halogen bulb (e.g. 2700K = 2426.85°C).

Colour rendering index (CRI)

The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is a rating applied to bulbs and fittings that defines their ability to display colours accurately. Sometimes the CRI score is prefixed ‘Ra’. The closer this score is to the maximum CRI 100 score the more reliable a light source will be at displaying colour.

What to avoid – The enemies of art

Where you place your art and how you light it is vital. The enemies of art are often unseen, so it’s as well to know about them:

  • UV light accounts for 40% of all damage to art by fading. Ultra-violet light is invisible, and too much exposure has a harmful effect on all organic substances, including materials used in paintings, photos, and prints. Sunlight is the major source of UV light, though it also exists in fluorescent lighting.
  • Heat causes 25% of all damage to art by fading, drying out, warping, buckling, and cracking it. A heat-damaged oil painting will usually begin to crack. Removing infra-red radiation from a light source reduces its capacity to damage art.
  • Visible light causes 25% of damage to art, and here you are stuck unless you keep your art in a box. However, you can ensure your pictures aren’t lit for too long, and use window shades where possible to avoid relentless light.
  • Miscellaneous causes amount to 10% of damage and are mostly unrelated to light, including damp, humidity, and floating grease or dust.

Choose a technology

Unfortunately, no ideal light source exists for art. Daylight is the best light for looking at art, but it’s not so good at preserving it. Here are the main choices in artificial lighting:

  • Incandescent: renders colour reliably, but with a red bias that is better suited to warm-coloured artworks. Its main downsides are inefficiency and heat.
  • Halogen: exceptional colour rendering and a better-balanced light output than incandescent, often seen as a pure white. Drawbacks include extreme heat and energy inefficiency (the heat problem is reduced in ‘cool beam’ low-voltage halogen spotlights).
  • Fluorescent: an economical light source seen in some art galleries, but inadvisable for use with any high-value artwork because of UV radiation. However UV protective frames can help to reduce the damaging effects. Fluorescent products produce a much cooler light than incandescent or halogen. A greatly improved technology in recent years.
  • LED: Produces little or no heat or UV. Extremely energy-efficient, long-lasting and available in warm Kelvin colour temperatures. Drawbacks include initial cost and quality of colour rendering can vary between products.

Halogen is often judged the best lighting for art because of its crisp, white light and superb colour rendering. Negligible heat and UV radiation in LED lighting makes it a good choice when used in close proximity to delicate oil paintings, watercolours, and textiles. The Louvre Museum uses LED lighting!

What to buy

Let’s assume you’ve chosen a good position for your art, avoiding direct sunlight. With some art forms you may have fitted a UV protective frame. A picture should hang with its centre at eye level. Now you’re ready to light your art.

Fine art lighting image 1

Halogen & incandescent

The Gainsborough Large Picture Light is a good choice for lighting traditional art. Two incandescent candle bulbs in the Gainsborough will accentuate any warm colours in a picture. Halogen will also give you strong warm hues, but with better violets and blues. This classic fitting is available in a range of sizes and finishes.

To choose the right size of picture light, the light fitting should span roughly half of your picture or painting (not including frame), or slightly less.

Fine art lighting image 2

The Teetoo 350 Picture Light is a contemporary alternative to the Gainsborough, using halogen capsules to emit a crisp, white light and give your art plenty of punch. A choice of sizes and finishes are offered.

Fine art lighting image 3

Halogen spotlights & sculpture

Switching to 3D art, the Toronto Corner Uplighter is a great choice of floor lighting for sculpture. By casting its light upward, this fitting will emphasise contours and texture, and lend drama to any indoor statue.

Fine art lighting image 4

Another choice for sculpture is the Sunbeam Wire Light System. You can focus its small low-voltage lights onto your statue or carving from several points to add visual interest at every viewing angle.

Fine art lighting image 5

LED & low-energy fluorescent

Ideal for modern artwork, the Goya 760 LED Picture Light can light a picture of at least 1.5m width. With its adjustable light head you can fine-tune its effect. Using built-in LEDs this smart fitting will last you for years. It is available in other sizes and in a low-energy fluorescent version.

Fine art lighting image 6

For a minimalist look, the Vermeer 40 LED Picture Light is tough to beat. Extending further from the wall than most picture lights, this model gives good light coverage from a slimmer light head.

Fine art lighting image 7

Another choice is track lighting. The Acorn LED 3-Light and Track Kit includes three LED spotlights and one metre of track. The lights can be sited anywhere along the track for versatility, and the track length can be extended to 30 metres by adding extra tracks and lights.

Why not take a look at our full range of Picture Lights.

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Charles Barnett Managing Director

Charles started Lyco in 1995 with just 4 enthusiastic employees and has grown it considerably over the past 25 years. Charles is also the Managing Director of Lighting Direct and newly acquired Online Lighting. He now has a team of 50 lighting experts working on growing Lyco Group to be the UK leader in lighting for both businesses and homes. Away from the office he is a keen cyclist and is proud to have cycled 1017 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats to raise money for a new residential centre for adults with multiple learning difficulties.


Outside lights to create eye catching walls

You can give your home an instant facelift by simply adding the right type of lighting to your outside walls. It’s an easy way to create a stunning first impression and give your house real character. Click here for outdoor wall lights.

How to make your outside wall a feature in its own right:

Exterior wall lights:

Be as creative or as basic as you like when it comes to brightening up an outside wall. Use exterior lights to give an artistic edge, or use lights as a way of adding extra security and safety.

If done right, minimal touches to your outside wall create a big impression. The Nordlux  Twin Wall Light adds minimal Scandinavian style, using a sleek stainless steel column to house an up-firing and down-firing light.  You can add as many of these lights as you like to give your exterior wall a modern look. The light is protected against dust and water spray too, so it will remain looking stylish no matter the weather.

If you’d prefer to give your outside wall a more classic look, why not try the Caris Outdoor Wall Light. It features a dome-shaped glass diffuser, giving your home a welcoming feel.

However, if you have anyone on your property that isn’t welcome, the Caris Outdoor Wall Light is also useful. It has a PIR movement sensor, which automatically turns the light on when someone comes within 8m and 110-degrees of your house.

Brick and tile lights:

If you’re building an extension or a new outside wall, you may consider giving it a unique design twist by incorporating lights into the brickwork. Both the Mono LED Brick Light and Sorrento Low Energy Brick Light fit into standard brick-sized gaps to add a slice of style to the outside of your house.

Both lights feature a stainless steel rim, are protected against dust and rain, and come in alternative low energy options.

Bulkhead lights:

With powerful lighting capabilities and robust designs, bulkhead lights are ideal for outside areas that require a lot of light, such as driveways or outdoor work areas. Often the top choice for business premises, we have a selection of bulkhead lights that are both practical and pleasing on the eye.

The Night Eye LED Bulkhead – PIR is made from tough polycarbonate and features a prismatic diffuser. It illuminates automatically when it detects anyone within a 7m – 140 degree sensor range.

The Half Moon Exterior Wall Light – Black shows just how attractive bulkhead lights can be. Sporting a contemporary design, this light is supremely stylish – the perfect way to welcome guests to any style-conscious home.

It comes in a range of finishes, including graphite, aluminium and white, and it’s totally protected against dust and splashing water. The British weather won’t damage this light. A 15-year extended guarantee against corrosion is included for additional peace of mind.


Spotlights are a discreet way of styling up an exterior wall, and they’re a versatile lighting solution for outdoor areas. You can usually adjust the direction your spotlights aim light, and even use them as a burglar deterrent.

The Night Eye 150W PIR Security Spotlight can be panned and tilted into different directions. You can even adjust the dusk to dawn sensor, so you can set the level of darkness required for the light to be activated when someone steps within range. When someone or something is spotted within 12m and 200-degrees of the sensor, you can decide how long the light shines for – anywhere between five seconds and 18 minutes.

It’s a great security option for an exterior wall at the back or front of your house, while also giving your home an edgy look. A pulsating ‘system live’ LED light can be activated as an advanced deterrent and to give your wall eye-catching appeal.

If you’re looking for a spotlight without security features, check out the Marlow Wall Spotlight, which is available in black and satin silver. Its die-cast aluminium casing gives it an appealing look and a robust design, and it’s totally protected from dust and water.

A 90-degree, adjustable, tapered head enables you to direct light in different directions, as required.

Wall washers:

Wall washers offer a slice of chic style to your outdoor walls, creating an elegant glare and inviting ambience. Their downward facing basin looks do have a hint of retro about them – so if you’re after a touch of retro style, these are the lights for you.

The Torino Large Wall Washer and the Scorpius Wall Downlight are good options for lighting up entrances, driveways and garden walls. Add a row of lights to brighten up pathways or create an inviting ambience. Both sets of lights come in different finishes, and the Torino Wall Washer comes in different sizes too.


If you have an exterior wall in need of illuminating, now you know the best ways to succeed in your task. The only question remaining is which method to choose?

Why not take a look at our full range of Wall Lights.

Alternatively for more inspiration try our Lighting Ideas section.

Andrew Evangelidis Head of Buying

Andrew is an experienced buying professional who takes an entrepreneurial approach to identify new lighting solutions and ensure Lyco have first-to-market ranges for our customers. Having previously worked for well known brands such as Wickes, Carphone Warehouse and Toys R Us, Andrew has now turned his hand to sourcing commercial lighting and ensure our customers receive top brand quality products at marketing leading prices. He manages a team of commercial and decorative buyers who travel the world finding new products that our customers don’t even know they need yet.


Reading Lights – A Guide to…

As we get older, we all hope to have more time to relax and enjoy life a little; chances are, reading may be one of the pastimes you choose to relax with. Light levels are of utmost importance, depending on your age and the time of day (or night) you prefer to read. Our requirement for improved light increases the older we get: For example, by the age of sixty, we need three times as much light for reading than in our twenties. As our eyes are incredibly important, accounting for up to eighty percent of our sensory perception, they are definitely something we don’t want to neglect.

With one of Lighting Direct’s reading lights you’ll hopefully be able to enjoy reading well into the twilight hours and your twilight years.

Wall-mounted reading lights

For an attractive and practical reading light that is also economical, why not choose the Klosters Chrome and Wood Reading Light? It combines a general bedside light with an ultra low energy 1w snake head LED reading light. You can also install a low energy bulb into the general light, saving even more money and energy. Both the lights have separate on/off switches, giving you complete control over the lighting effect in your bedroom – perfect for if your partner is sleeping and you want to read to the end of the chapter or beyond.

Similar to the Klosters light, but with a slightly more contemporary design, is the Chamonix Reading Light. Again, with a separate general light and reading light, which can be controlled individually, although not as low-watt as the Klosters, it is still very light energy consumption at only 3w. The cool white LED is excellent for creating perfectly crisp and clear light for reading by, without disturbing the rest of the household. The snake head means you can direct the light exactly where you need it.

For a super-stylish, contemporary light fitting that can sit in either your study or bedroom, take a look at the Falko Reading Light with Glass Shade. This lovely light is three point adjustable, making it easy for you to angle the light exactly where you need it. It can also be installed to sit horizontally or vertically, depending on your bedroom or study layout. The rotary dimmer on the back allows you to create a cosier, softer ambience if needs be.

If you want a low energy, incredibly safe and unobtrusive contemporary reading light, look no further than the Vail Chrome LED Reading Light. This excellent light has an ultra-slim snake head design that will sit quietly in your bedroom until you require it. It uses six daylight LEDs, which use only 0.5W of power, making this light incredibly economical. LEDs are very safe and emit no heat, making them excellent for placement where children may be.

Mother & Child Uplighter Lamps

Our next light will sit just as well in your living room as it would in a bedroom, thanks to a more traditional design with a satin brass finish. The Montana ‘Mother and Child’ Floor Lamp in Satin Brass serves as both an uplighter and task light – the ‘mother’ is the main light, and the ‘child’ is the secondary task light. An opal glass diffuser and dimmer switch on both lights, which have separate light switches, give you complete control over ambience.

This light is also available in Satin Chrome, which has a contemporary look, for those who prefer modern finishes.

Desk lamps

A desk lamp which works well as a reading light is the Hugo in a Satin Chrome finish. This will suit most contemporary settings, but it is also available in Antique Brass. Not only a stylish light, it’s also incredibly practical thanks to an adjustable head, making it easy for you to direct the light exactly where you need it. The finger tip control and touch dimmer makes it the perfect bedside reading or study light, as you have complete control over light intensity, simply by running your finger up or down the track on the base.


When it comes to reading the importance of lighting cannot be underestimated, so make sure you look after your eyes by removing any unnecessary strain. If the above suggestions don’t quite take your fancy or you simply want more options feel free to browse the full range of reading lights from Lighting Direct.

Looking for more inspiration and advice? Try our Lighting Ideas section.

Maxine Clarke Senior Buyer

Maxine has been our decorative buyer since 2015. With her experience in working for consumer-led brands, she is the perfect person to pick out the latest lighting trends for both your home and business. Maxine has an eye for the best up-and-coming lighting from the UK and around the world and works tirelessly to add new brands to our portfolio. One of her trends to watch in 2020 is connectable garden lighting; with summer garden parties more and more popular, being able to build and extend your own outdoor lighting with spotlights, festoons and string lights has never been easier – simply plug and play.


Indoor Wall Lights – Bringing your home to life

Hit a wall in terms of lighting ideas? Read on and find out how the versatile Wall Light can help bring your home to life.

If you’ve recently repainted or completely re-designed your home, you’ll want some excellent light fittings to show off your home’s décor to its potential. As you may or may not know, wall lights are excellent for creating softer, more ambient lighting and spotlights in particular are great for modern settings, such as in chrome and stainless steel kitchens; but the real question is, what model should you go for? Here we showcase the cream of our new wall lights, from flush lights and uplighters to spotlights and brackets.

Insert Brackets Here…

The word ‘brackets’ may not conjure up an aesthetically pleasing image, but our first choice of bracket light proves that you can combine modern materials and classic design into a pretty picture. Ideal for most settings, from living spaces to bedrooms, landings and hallways, the Kennedy 2 Light Wall Light in Polished Chrome has a lovely stem design with the contemporary look of polished chrome, making it an excellent choice for couples who might not be able to make a choice on décor.

Are you feeling flush?

Our next selection of lights are of the flush kind – ideal for smaller settings or for living areas that prefer clean, linear lines. First up, we have the Axton wall light large with a matt ceramic finish, this wall light will fit in beautifully with almost any type of décor  It’s great for those of you who like to keep things neutral, but will sit equally well amongst bright wall colours. This light fitting softens light wonderfully and would look gorgeous paired with another in a dining room, living room or bedroom.

If you like flush wall lights with a more modern type of look, you can’t go wrong with our next choice, the Carrera Wall Light. This interesting light would look right at home in a modern living space where the ‘ordre du jour’ is clean lines and contemporary materials. It is perfect for a hallway, living room or dining room.

Uplifting Uplighters

Uplighters in themselves project light upwards therefore avoiding glare, whilst providing subtle discreet lighting. The Slice Wall Light Standard is a beautiful, versatile light that combines great design with practicality. Use this light in almost any room and enjoy enveloping illumination thanks to uplighting and downlighting functionality.

This low energy wall light will fit into almost any kind of setting thanks to a neutral colour and unobtrusive, classic design. The icing on the cake however, is that it can be painted to whatever colour you want thanks to its ceramic finish. Want a revamp? Simply repaint your light fitting and enjoy a completely different look. Looks great and saves you money.

The Spotlight’s on you!

Do you dream of creating the ultimate study or reading area – a place where you can relax, chill out, read your books and work but not feel like you’ve been transported back to that dingy school library? Then this Osaka 1 Light spot light – White Gloss could be perfect for you. Modern and directional, it provides you with a great way to aim light exactly where you need it. Use it along with main lights for powerful illumination, or switch off the mains and cosy up with a book and the Osaka wall light for a night of comfortable reading. This light would also work really well in a kitchen or dining room; spotlights are great for task lighting!

If you don’t appreciate the harshness of a main light when entertaining friends and family in your kitchen or dining room, then the Loft 2 Light Wall Bracket could be the wall light for you. In a matt white finish with polished chrome trim it is contemporary but will fit in with almost any style and décor colour thanks to a neutral and unobtrusive finish. It’s also a great light for those times when you need extra illumination when preparing dinner.

Create a wall of light in your home

 So now you’ve seen the ones we like, why not browse the rest of our wall light collection to ensure you find the perfect one to suit your needs. With our extensive range of wall lights, you’ll soon be relaxing in warm cosy lighting in every room of your home.

Why not view our complete range of Wall Lights?

Looking for more inspiration? Try our Lighting Ideas section.