The rise and rise of the pendant light – Lighting Direct’s best-sellers

There is no doubt that pendant lighting is super-stylish and will help round off your interior décor perfectly; whether you’re looking for pendant lights for a modern or traditional setting, these glamorous, contemporary or classic themed lights will help enhance your home and living spaces and also have a design that won’t go out of fashion fast.

Pendants can be used in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways for warm, sparkly or slick illumination. Below we throw some light on twelve of our bestselling pendant lights to help you in your search for your perfect light.

Bar Pendants

Thanks to it’s unique but practical shape, the bar pendant light is ideal for use over dining tables, although it can really be placed anywhere you see fit. The Station 3 Light Bar Pendant – Cotswold Cream for example, would look wonderful placed over a breakfast bar in a bistro or french-inspired kitchen. Or if cool and contemporary is your thing, you could go for the Boda 3 Light Pendant, which is fresh, clean and modern with a designer feel. This great looking bar light would look equally as good in a living room or bedroom as it would a dining room and offers soft, diffused light that is still strong and effervescent enough for the every day.

Stylish Chandeliers

Most chandeliers have a traditional ‘feel’ as they are based on traditional designs that at one point accepted real candles. Nowadays, most accept candle bulbs but are a mixture of traditional design and modern materials, such as the Oxford 6 Light Chandelier – Polished Chrome. This striking chandelier combines real lead crystal with a durable polished chrome finish and an old-style design for a pendant light that definitely makes a statement. This would be ideal for hanging in a hallway for an instant, eye-catching statement feature. If you like chandeliers but like authentic looking finishes, the Vaudeville 5 Light Pendant may be the perfect light for you. This impressive light has a beautiful antique brass finish and elegant design that would sit well in a house which is dedicated to the timeless.

Cluster & Cascade

Cluster and cascade lighting is ideal for hallways, stairs and high ceilings due to a design that mostly consists of multiple lights closely spaced in a cluster or cascade formation. They are brilliant for creating illumination that sparkles and for making an impact. The Galileo 20 Light 2M Pendant would be most suited to placement in a hallway with a very high ceiling, due to its wonderful cascade design and would fit in perfectly with soft décor and furnishings. This kind of light wouldn’t need to be replaced in a hurry as its neutral crystal finish fits in with most colour themes.

The stunning Light Eye Cluster Pendant is a wonderfully striking pendant light in an elegant modern polished chrome design. Ideal for those who like a contemporary touch, it would make an eye-catching feature placed above a spiral stairwell.

Perfect Pendants

Single pendants are perfect for almost any setting from large to small. They are easy to install and provide a simple way to add instant edge or glamour to a room. The Zaragoza 3 Light Pendant – Red – 600mm, for example, can be used to make a bold and striking statement. This red pendant light would look gorgeous in a retro setting, either in a living room or bedroom.

Rise & Fall

Rise and Fall lighting is a stylish option based on the French designs of the mid 1900’s where they were commonly used to light kitchens, cafes and bistros. The excellent thing about these lights is that they can be height-adjusted at any point after installation, giving you complete control over the type of illumination you want to achieve. Keep them at ceiling height for a stronger starker light for everyday activities; lower them for warm, cosy dining and relaxation. The Alessandra Rise and Fall Pendant would look beautiful dotted at various points throughout a contemporary kitchen and would also fit in with most decors and furnishings thanks to an unobtrusive design. If you want something a little bolder, why not bring a slight continental feel into your home with the Polka Rise and Fall Pendant – Antique Brass, which definitely makes a statement. This rise and fall pendant is excellent for placement over a dining table or breakfast bar.


If you like the stylish and opulent but lack the space for huge statement pieces, our semi-flush ceiling lights may provide you with the perfect solution. As semi-flush lights are fixed to the ceiling via a short-bar, they are ideal for properties with low ceilings as they don’t hang down. The unusual and unobtrusive Tugel 3 Light Flush Fitting – Satin Chrome combines an aesthetically pleasing swirl design with the durability of modern materials for a ceiling light that will deliver on all fronts. This floral-inspired light would look great in a living-room. However, if you prefer something with a bit more glitz, the very shiny Sassari 5 Light Semi Flush Fitting could be your perfect match. Faceted glass droplets will add sparkle and shine to any low-ceilinged room.

We hope our best selling pendant lights have provided you with some inspiration or better still delivered your ideal light to you on a plate. If you haven’t quite found what your looking for why not browse our full range of pendant lights?

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Pendant lights – your options

Your place is looking good – the furniture is in place, the decorating has been done and you’ve installed all the little luxuries that make a house a home. There’s one thing missing though – ceiling lights that give every room that all-important x-factor.

That’s where pendant lights come in. They’ll add extra style to every room, so your home has personality, charisma and simply looks amazing. There are lots of different designs available, so you can choose a pendant light that best suits you.

Here we take a look at what your choices are:

Single pendant lights

Simple designs can often be the most effective. And single pendant lights do just that – keep things simple. They feature a single light and usually have a cool and sleek look. They make particularly good kitchen and hallway lighting, thanks to their unobtrusive design.

Take the Nexus 10 Pendant, for example. You won’t find many simpler designs than this; yet its slimline, no frills look is beautifully minimalistic and modern – the brushed steel makes a real difference. Install it in your kitchen and you’ve instantly moved up a few places in the style stakes.

For an equally sleek, but slightly bolder design, check out the Hemisphere Telescopic Halogen Pendant. This light fits nicely into a hallway or kitchen, and features a polished chrome finish and glass shade.

Cascade pendant lights

As the name suggests, a cascade pendant light features multiple bulbs that flow from top to bottom. They’re attractive lights, designed to create a real wow-factor, making them a great choice for the living room; where everyone can see it, or the bedroom; where you can add your own personal style.

The fabulous flowing style of the Galileo 20 Light Pendant is perfect for creating an elegant focal point if your room has a high ceiling. 20 halogen lights create a cascading effect, while crystal glass shades and a polished chrome finish give it extra gloss.

Pendant lights are all about creating the style that you want – whether it’s a modern and contemporary look or something more traditional. The Sculptured Ice 5 Light Pendant is an artistic and quirky option for homeowners who want to create something a little different. It’s sure to get people talking when they’re dangling down from the ceiling.

Bar Lights

Bar lights provide a great mix of form and function – bulbs hang from a single bar, creating a modern and sleek look. The amount of light that these lights deliver make them a good choice for your living room, dining room and even your hallway. They’re also a good option if you’re tight on space, because the single bar doesn’t require too much ceiling room.

The Boda 3 Light Pendant is a great example of a sleek bar light, which is particularly suited to being placed over breakfast bars and dining room tables. A simple bar with satin chrome pendants and three glass cylinders, it can be summed up in three words… simple, stylish and effective.

For something a little more intricate, take a look at the Station Lamp 3 Light Pendant. It’s available in cream, polished chrome, polished brass and copper, and you can also choose between single, double and triple light options for certain colours. The light has a traditional and elegant look, and the three-light pendant is made to order.

Multi-arm chandeliers

When it comes to making a statement and creating real wow-factor, look no further than a multi-arm chandelier. These large and extravagant lights are designed to be seen, so put them on full show in your living room or hallway.

The chrome-finished lead crystals on the Oxford 6 Arm Chandelier give off a sensational sparkle, which will brighten up any room. And it looks amazing hanging from the centre of your ceiling.

For some sophisticated style, the clean classical lines and lightly ribbed detail of the Boston 3 Light Pendant is all you need. It has an antique look, making it a good choice for a warm and homely living room. It’s been specially designed for rooms with lower ceilings too, so there are no confines on styling your home.

Rise and fall pendant lights

These lights offer a flexible lighting solution, enabling you to position the light high up or low down. They come into their own in the kitchen or home office, where you may need to illuminate your work area.

In fact the rise and fall system originated in France in the 1900s, where they were often used to light cafes, kitchens and bistros. Our rise and fall lights have contemporary designs, but the fundamentals are still the same.

The Polka Rise and Fall Pendant Fitting makes for a great office or kitchen light with its simple, sleek and compact design. Its antique brass design adds a touch of traditional elegance to whatever room you choose to put it in.

On the other end of the scale is the Brenda Double Rise and Fall Ceiling Pendant – a quirky and brave ceiling light, which is crammed with charisma. It comes in white metal and grabs attention in any room.

Why not take a look at our full range of Pendant Lights?

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