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How To Choose Conservatory Lighting

As daylight fades, the right conservatory lighting can create a relaxed, warm and inviting space to carry you through into the evening. Whether you use your conservatory as a second living room filled with comforting furnishings or as a place to dine, we will show you the best lighting techniques.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular lighting options for this particular space.

Some Good Ideas

Wire Lighting

With no reflective surfaces to cast the light back into the room, a good choice for conservatory lighting is spot lighting on a wire system. We stock a range of wire light systems that have adjustable spotlights that can be positioned to highlight areas in your conservatory whilst avoiding glare from light hitting windows. It’s perfect for uneven ceilings too.

If your conservatory has an even ceiling then it may be worth considering spotlight bars with adjustable heads. These can offer a more modern lighting solution and come in a number of different finishes and styles.

Recessed Spotlights

If you like to star-gaze at night, it is probably best to avoid uplighters in your conservatory. To create real drama why not install recessed spotlights along your ceiling beams. Try a directional spotlight such as the Directional Downlight – White and add striking emphasis to interesting features such as potted plants and ornaments.

Low Level Lighting

To create a cosy ambience in your conservatory keep the lighting low both in terms of height in the room and brightness. A stylish table lamp positioned on a smart oak coffee table or window ledge will add an extra layer of light and texture to the room whilst doubling up as a reading light.

For a beautiful piece of lighting with a cream linen shade, well suited to conservatory lighting, take a look at the Edit Cross Table Lamp. Mix and match with scatter cushions in co-ordinating fabrics and even a vintage record player to make your conservatory feel like your own private getaway.

Floor Lamps

A couple of soft armchairs with a smart floor lamp would be a great option if you are looking for ambient mood lighting in the evenings. A stylish, and contemporary lamp such as the Edit Floor Lamp would be an ideal choice.


Use statement lighting to create a centre piece. If you use your conservatory for dining, what better way to bring an elegant twist to your space than with a stunning chandelier positioned above your table. An ornate piece such as the Nina 5 Light Chandelier will bring glamour and sophistication to your conservatory lighting.

Pendant Lighting

Whether you want a traditional setting or a more contemporary vibe, pendant lighting will work well in a conservatory suspended from the ceiling. The Edit Rondure Large Ceiling Pendant will cast a wide beam of light, reflecting against the textured gold inner.

Picture Lighting

Whether it’s family photos or exquisite watercolours; attractive pictures are guaranteed to enhance your conservatory décor. Illuminate them without the need for costly wiring with the Medium Slimline Battery Operated LED Picture Light. We have a wide range of picture lights in traditional and contemporary style here.


Outdoor Lighting

You can almost be at one with your garden when sitting in your conservatory during the day. At night time the vast expanses of black glass can feel oppressive so a good trick is to install some outdoor lighting to draw your eye to the end of your garden. Dot garden stake lights in flower beds or use a tile light positioned in your brick work. The Searchlight Messina Rectangular LED Ground Light will add a wash of light to your outside space.


You really can take your pick of conservatory lighting to reflect your own personal style but don’t forget to consider the size and function of the room. From vintage glamour to minimalist styling we have the lights for you.

For more inspiration see our Lighting Ideas section.

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Maxine Clarke Senior Buyer

Maxine has been our decorative buyer since 2015. With her experience in working for consumer-led brands, she is the perfect person to pick out the latest lighting trends for both your home and business. Maxine has an eye for the best up-and-coming lighting from the UK and around the world and works tirelessly to add new brands to our portfolio. One of her trends to watch in 2020 is connectable garden lighting; with summer garden parties more and more popular, being able to build and extend your own outdoor lighting with spotlights, festoons and string lights has never been easier – simply plug and play.


The Best Ceiling Lights For Your Bathroom

Providing lighting for the bathroom presents its own special problems and contradictions. The bathroom gets used at all times of the day or night, so lights are essential.

Lighting means electric light. The bathroom is frequently quite wet and we all know electricity and water do not mix well. Bathroom ceiling lights are the best option for the main lighting in the bathroom because the ceiling is as far away from water as you can get. However there is still steam to consider, even with a good extractor.

Zones and Ratings

Electrical safety regulations divide bathrooms into zones , Zone 0 being the wettest, actually in the bath or shower tray and Zone 3 being the least likely to get wet. Any area more than 2.25 metres above floor level is in zone 3. The average ceiling height in modern properties is around 2.4 metres, higher in older houses, so bathroom ceiling lights are likely to be in zone 3.  For more in-depth details of this topic take a look at our complete guide to bathroom zones.

This zoning is to enable electricians and anyone buying lights to know what degree of protection is needed for a given location. To find the degree of protection provided to a light, look for the IP Rating. This consists of the letters IP followed by two digits. The first digit refers to protection against fingers, solid objects, dust etc., the second to protection against the ingress of moisture. The higher the figure in each case the higher the degree of protection. Our guide to IP Ratings will give you the full rundown of what is what when it comes to IP ratings.

Be safe – use a professional

Installing bathroom ceiling lights should always be carried out by a qualified electrician. However you may well be choosing the lights yourself for him or her to install, so even a basic knowledge of the requirements will save you time and trouble and may even impress your electrician!

IP as standard

Bathroom ceiling lights to be installed in Zone 3 do not actually require an IP Rating at all. However remember, the regulations prescribe minimum requirements and it makes sense to use only IP rated lights anywhere in the bathroom if only because they are likely to last much longer, quite apart from any safety aspects. All the bathroom ceiling lights sold by Lighting Direct are IP rated to at least IP44.

Flush is plush

A small bathroom of a regular shape may only need a single bathroom ceiling light. Others may require several lights. In either case the use of flush fitting ceiling lights not only looks attractive, they keep cleaner and having their working bits concealed behind the ceiling helps to protect from the steam generated by a hot bath or shower. Here is a selection of bathroom ceiling lights available from Lighting Direct to help you find the right bathroom lighting for you.

Recessed downlights

We’ll start with multiple recessed downlights. Lighting Direct recommends any of the following examples.

1. The Astro Trimless Fire Rated Downlight is an inconspicuous fitting with a plastered over, trimless finish that is beautifully flush to the ceiling. A popular product from British manufacturers Astro.

2. The Luceco F-Eco 5W Dimmable LED Downlight is a fully dimmable fixed fitting that comes with quick-connect push-fit terminals for stress free installation. It is fully dimmable and has an average life expectancy of 25,000 hours, plus a 3 year guarantee. Available in a white finish, brushed steel, and polished chrome.

3. The Integral EvoFire Fire Rated Low Profile Fixed Downlight here is a great value super-slim 0.8mm bezel is 10 times slimmer than standard downlight bezels and incorporates push terminals to allow rapid installation.

To flush or semi-flush – that is the question

Lighting Direct also has many recommended flush or semi-flush bathroom ceiling lights. Full details of all of them can be found in our bathroom lighting section but here is a brief look at some of them.

1. The 3 Arm Semi-Flush ceiling light in a polished chrome finish with clear glass shades is a stylish fitting suitable for use in bathroom zones 1 and 2.

2. Offering traditional style, the Bubble 3 light Led Spotlight Plate is IP44 rather and suitable for zones 1 and 2. It is only 200mm wide and suitable for smaller to medium sized bathrooms.

3. For something even more glamorous, the Orlando Flush Ceiling Light with cascading clear glass balls on hanging chains is a light that becomes a real statement piece as soon as you install it.

4. Our top choice for a simple, but effective flush bathroom ceiling light: The Edit Aqua Flush Ceiling Light is a round fitting with opal glass diffuser suitable for use anywhere in your bathroom.

A little bit more

If you really want to inject style into your bathroom via your ceiling lights and have sufficient ceiling height that a more protruding design is suitable, you will probably love the Ganso Bathroom Ceiling Chandelier. This stunning light has machine cut clear glass prisms on a chrome metal frame. It is IP44 rated so you can install it in Zones 1 and 2.

The choice is yours

The best ceiling lights for your bathroom could be any one of the above. Having said that, you know your bathroom best and if these don’t quite give you what you want feel free to browse our full selection of bathroom lighting to find your ideal bathroom ceiling light.

Looking for more inspiration and advice? Try our Lighting Ideas section.

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Maxine Clarke Senior Buyer

Maxine has been our decorative buyer since 2015. With her experience in working for consumer-led brands, she is the perfect person to pick out the latest lighting trends for both your home and business. Maxine has an eye for the best up-and-coming lighting from the UK and around the world and works tirelessly to add new brands to our portfolio. One of her trends to watch in 2020 is connectable garden lighting; with summer garden parties more and more popular, being able to build and extend your own outdoor lighting with spotlights, festoons and string lights has never been easier – simply plug and play.


Coloured Glass Lighting Is In Style

Coloured glass light fittings are popular for their uplifting effect and intricate or elegant designs. The glossy, vibrant surface of a coloured glass shade attracts the eye like a jewel and offers an alternative to the quieter look of fabric. Often mimicked with plastic or resin, the natural quality of glass—shaped by fire and water—has everlasting appeal.

In this article, we look at fashionable coloured glass lighting designs from past and present.

Coloured glass – how it is made

Coloured glass was first created thousands of years ago by the Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians. The various colours are achieved by adding an oxide, sulphide or other metal compound to the molten glass. Gold ruby glass is one of the more costly red glasses to make, as it contains gold chloride. Other metals used include iron oxide for greens and browns, nickel oxide for violet, and antimony oxide for white. Glass is also coloured or decorated with paint.

Coloured glass styles


Traditional style

Coloured glass and artificial lighting were spectacularly wedded at the end of the 19th century, when the first Tiffany lamp was produced. The stained glass Tiffany lamp soon symbolised the Art Nouveau period. Nature was the main source of inspiration, with flowers, dragonflies, butterflies, and peacock feathers all well represented by the Tiffany Studios.

So iconic was the Tiffany lamp that modern copies are still known as ‘Tiffany style’ lamps. These beautiful items are ideal for the traditional or eclectic style of home.

The Searchlight Tiffany Style Dragonfly Pendant is inspired by an especially famous Tiffany design, which had a series of dragonflies with delicately patterned wings lining the edge of the shade. The original was created by Tiffany’s head designer, Clara Driscoll, between the years 1900 and 1906.


Classic style

Classic style is defined by timelessness and co-ordinates well with modern or traditional décors. The stunning Swirl range of Italian-glass ceiling lights fits into this category and comes from English manufacturer, David Hunt Lighting. This 100-year-old company is a master of lighting design and supplies its beautiful hand-finished luminaires to order.


Contemporary style

A contemporary light fitting is made noticeable by bold use of colour, texture and form. Blown glass can be fashioned into beautifully elegant shapes and imbued with rich colours, as exampled in the Nordlux Ripasso ranges. These eye-catching luminaires with polished chrome fixings are effortlessly stylish and certain to enliven a modern home. Choose a colour to match your décor!

Minimalistic designs are another hallmark of contemporary lighting; this is true of the Dillon range of table lamps from Dar Lighting. Here, the graceful coloured glass bases are given centre stage by the subtlety of classic fabric shades.

Ceiling pendants with low-hanging shades are a trendy choice in modern dining rooms and kitchens. An example is the Soho 3 Light Pendant, which is ideal for use above a dining table, kitchen island, or breakfast bar. The strong downward flow of light from the shades helps define personal space and create an intimate ambience for mealtimes.


Colour effects

Even the chicest luminaire has a particular lighting effect. A dark glass shade emphasises the warm glow of a bulb and creates a soothing mood, while a paler glass allows greater transmission of light.

The inside of a glass shade also affects output. The white interior of the Flut Pendant reflects and gathers light and projects it downwards. Consequentially, it is extra efficient in lighting kitchen or dining surfaces, as shown in the link.

Coloured glass shades without a reflective interior allow a stronger passage of outward light. This emphasises their hue, as it does with the Nordlux Chardonnay Pendant.

You might ponder these virtues while choosing a fabulous light fitting from our 2015 Trend: Coloured Glass collection!

For more interesting information check out our Lighting Ideas section.

Maxine Clarke Senior Buyer

Maxine has been our decorative buyer since 2015. With her experience in working for consumer-led brands, she is the perfect person to pick out the latest lighting trends for both your home and business. Maxine has an eye for the best up-and-coming lighting from the UK and around the world and works tirelessly to add new brands to our portfolio. One of her trends to watch in 2020 is connectable garden lighting; with summer garden parties more and more popular, being able to build and extend your own outdoor lighting with spotlights, festoons and string lights has never been easier – simply plug and play.


Children’s Lighting – Fun Lights for Kids

Your child is unique. Whether football mad or a pop princess, your child will want a bedroom that reflects their own style and personality. Choosing the right lighting can enhance the décor whilst adding to the overall ambience and theme of the room.

From lighting a nursery to illuminating a teen’s den, we will show you some of the options available for making your child’s room a fun, relaxing and inviting space.

The right light for your little monsters

Children's lighting image 1

Sweet Dreams in the Nursery

For very little ones, peaceful and soothing lighting will help them drift off to sleep at night. Choose lighting that can be dimmed for a soft gentle glow. Consider a flush light such as the Speedy Flush with its attractive moon and stars design. As it sits flush against the wall or ceiling there are no potentially dangerous cables or cords to be grabbed at by little hands.

Children's lighting image 2

Playful lights for your Juniors

Children need to feel safe and happy in their room otherwise getting them up to bed can prove challenging! Choose fun and quirky fittings for younger children with hearts, flowers and happy smiley faces as seen in the Junior Girls Hearts and Flowers Flush which will be an instant hit. For the little boy in your life why not choose something like the Junior Boys Cars and Clouds Flush for a cheerful and welcoming bedtime light.

Children's lighting image 3

Double Figures

6 going on 16; kids are growing up so fast these days and they want to make their mark. If your son is mad about footie then why not create a football themed bedroom with the Junior Football Flush taking centre stage. As trends come and go, your child may tire quickly of a particular super hero themed room. With football you can’t go far wrong.

Children's lighting image 4

If you want to create a celebrity styled dressing room for your fashion mad daughter then why not go for something different like the Cabaret Mirror Light. Position it above a dressing table displaying pots of brightly coloured nail varnish and fashion jewellery for a quirky vibe.

Children's lighting image 5

Funky Lights for Teens

It’s probably fair to say that teenagers are the group of people who spend most time in their bedrooms away from the madness of family life. They want a space that they can call their own where they feel at ease. Bring some scorching hot colour to their room with a funky light fitting such as the Jive Pendant – lime. Alternatively add impact to their décor with the contemporary Ripasso 15 Pendant – Red for a touch of sophistication.

Children's lighting image 6

As well as chilling in their bedroom under ambient lighting, you may want to choose some task lighting for their studying and bedtime reading. Choose a retro styled adjustable lamp for the desk such as the Osaka Clip-On Desk Lamp – Blue Gloss and angle to reduce glare from the computer screen. The Cyclone Wall Light – Aluminium will work well positioned on the wall next to the bed and can be angled to focus directly onto the pages of their favourite book.


However young or old your child, you will want them to have a bedroom they love. Whether they prefer bold and bright, or pale and interesting we have a great selection of children’s lighting here at Lighting Direct. For our full range please go to children’s lighting section.

For more inspirational information check out our Lighting Ideas section.

Maxine Clarke Senior Buyer

Maxine has been our decorative buyer since 2015. With her experience in working for consumer-led brands, she is the perfect person to pick out the latest lighting trends for both your home and business. Maxine has an eye for the best up-and-coming lighting from the UK and around the world and works tirelessly to add new brands to our portfolio. One of her trends to watch in 2020 is connectable garden lighting; with summer garden parties more and more popular, being able to build and extend your own outdoor lighting with spotlights, festoons and string lights has never been easier – simply plug and play.

Buyers Guides

Reading lights – How To Find The One For You

A high quality reading light is so important if you’re the kind of person who loves to get settled down with a good book. A strong clear source of light is essential as reading in poor light can be uncomfortable, cause headaches and can even damage eyesight in the long run.

When you’re choosing your reading light you need to consider where you’re going to position it. Think about where you do most of your reading? You’ll need the light to come from behind and illuminate the page, without casting shadows.

Reading lights image 1

It’s all about comfort

A tall order

Tall floor standing lamps are a good place to start. Their height means they offer a good coverage of light to read under. The Soprana Bow SL-1 Floor Lamp, has a simple slider that allows it to be positioned directly over your book without casting shadows. This floor lamp has a subtle elegance that is smart and dignified making it suitable for many different types of décor.

Reading lights image 2

For something quirky try the Arvin overhang floor light. With its eye catching shape it’s easy to imagine this lamp in either a colourful 1960’s flat or an ultra-modern contemporary apartment. This light would look stunning next to a large black leather chair that you can sink into. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax and get sucked into your latest captivating novel.

Reading lights image 3

Do you want to chill in soft ambient lighting and read without damaging your eyes? Well the Montana Floor Lamp is a stylish uplighter and a reading light all in one. If you love reading you will appreciate the importance of comforting surroundings. The Montana’s uplighter will create a cosy environment, but the light by itself would not be sufficient for reading. This is why it has an independent task light so you can enjoy a cosy ambiance and read without having to strain your eyes.

Reading lights image 4

Check out every angle

If you are particularly fussy about the position of light when reading you need an adjustable arm lamp. The Provence Desk Lamp is an old faithful when it comes to practical lighting. It is a great accessory for almost any room in the house and its adjustable arm lets you angle the light perfectly every time, no matter what position you like to read in.

Reading lights image 6

Tired of bad lighting

A standard bedside lamp can sometimes fail to provide appropriate reading light. However the Kloster Reading Light combines a charmingly elegant bedside lamp and an extremely practical snake light because as we all know, what is the point of reading in bed if you can’t get comfortable?

So, there you are… a wealth of options to help you maximise your reading pleasure. Why not take a look at out full range of Reading Lights.

Looking for more inspiration? Try our Lighting Ideas section.


Modern Lighting At Its Best

The term modern lighting is all encompassing and can be used to describe contemporary style as well as state-of-the-art technology. Modern lighting can enhance your décor with some pieces considered as works of art in their own right. It can also provide you with an energy efficient light source or be used in areas which are tricky to illuminate.

Let’s take a look at some of the best modern lighting on today’s market.

The New World Of Lighting

Modern lighting image 1

LED Technology

Advanced LED technology has paved the way for robust energy efficient lighting. Requiring very little power, LED lighting boasts 80% energy savings compared to a standard incandescent bulb. With extensive lifespans of over 30,000 hours and greatly reduced maintenance costs, an LED fitting such as the Fuse LED Reading Light – Polished Chrome is modern lighting at its best. The small scale of the integrated LED means it can be used in compact fittings for a seamless finish.

Modern lighting image 2

Solar Power

Outdoor lighting has become increasingly popular and although you may not think of solar powered lighting as a modern phenomenon the use of LEDs in this field has revolutionised it. An LED solar powered light such as the Tamara Solar LED Security Light can now offer effective illumination after dark and provide a bright light to your outdoor space.

Modern lighting image 3

Modern Finishes

Thanks to the use of advanced painting and treatment systems, the finishes on some outdoor lights are so robust today that they are fully protected against corrosion and can even be sited with confidence in coastal locations. The Valencia Wall Hanging Lantern from Scandinavian designers Norlys is an elegant example of a fully protected and hardwearing exterior light which can be positioned anywhere outside your home.

Modern lighting image 4

Innovative Design

Modern lighting needs to be functional as well as pleasing on the eye and a good example of innovative design comes in the form of wire lighting. Ideal for lower uneven ceilings, it gives a modern twist to traditional spotlighting. Flexibility is also important and can be seen with the Sunbeam Wire Light System which can be wall or ceiling mounted to fit your room dimensions.

Modern lighting image 5

Quick to install and perfect for discreet under cabinet lighting, flexi strips such as the 5M LED Flexi-Strips – White offer a modern approach to lighting when space is limited or a seamless finish is required. For a colour changing alternative take a look at the 5M LED Flexi-Strip – RGB Colour Changing.

Modern lighting image 6


Building regulations have influenced modern lighting design with the introduction of fire rated fittings. The same can be said of IP ratings which are designed to indicate whether or not a fitting is safe and suitable for placing in specific bathroom zones. The Fire Rated Shower Light – Polished Chrome is both fire rated and fully tested for 90 minute ceilings. It carries an IP65 rating so is also completely protected against jets of water.

Modern lighting image 7

Contemporary Styling

A carefully chosen piece of modern lighting can take centre stage in a room creating real impact and a sense of style. By way of example, take a look at the Theatre Row 7 Light Pendant – Silver. This eye-catching contemporary designer fitting features exposed bulbs and interchangeable suspension rods adding to its cutting edge look.


Developments in modern lighting are ever evolving thanks to new technology coupled with the desire to find the most energy efficient light sources. The emphasis on home interiors is also pushing forward contemporary lighting design.

For more help and advice see our Lighting Ideas section.


Fantastic Bedroom Lighting Ideas

If you are just about to redecorate and are looking for design inspiration and bedroom lighting ideas then we have something to whet your appetite. Whether you are looking to create a tranquil sanctuary, a glamorous boudoir or a bold and bright space we have something to suit.

Ideas to Inspire

Indoor Orangery

Indoor Orangery

Bring a citrus twist and a touch of Tuscan warmth to your bedroom by creating your very own Orangery. Pot up zingy lemon and sweet orange trees and place beside a south-facing window for a Mediterranean vibe. Mix terracotta floor tiles with walls painted in warm reds, burnt oranges or golds and team with a floor lamp with a taupe shade such as the Tuscan Floor Lamp. Add a nature inspired designer lamp shade such as the Banksia 42 Pendant Shade for added authenticity.

Plain Sailing

Plain Sailing

A nautical themed bedroom always looks fresh and contemporary. White painted floor boards, a sea grass rug, crisp white bed linen dotted with blue and white striped scattered cushions and swathes of white fabric dressing the windows can look effective. Add an organic cotton lamp shade in a complementing colour scheme such as the Respect 30 Shade – White / Blue Stripes to complete the look.

Bright and Breezy

Bright and Breezy

Why not inject some bright colours into your bedroom space for a fun feel. Hot pink walls teamed with black accessories can look powerful and will add a sense of drama. Use different textures and materials, a round bed as a central piece or even wallpaper the ceiling for a funky vibe. Finish with a striking ceiling pendant such as the Baron Pendant Shade – Black and Gold.

childs play

Child’s Play

Make your child’s space visually interesting, funky and fun. Why not create their very own tree house with a raised bed set against painted tree canopies on the wall or an aquamarine dream with illuminated fish tanks over the bed head. Whatever the theme the Speedy Flush will bathe the room in soft gentle light perfect for creating a relaxed environment.

pure and simple

Pure and Simple

Create a tranquil space by removing colour altogether. Decorate your room from top to toe in white for complete serenity. White floors, painted white walls, white jugs with simple floral displays and white linen will bring inner peace to your bedroom. Choose a simple white table lamp such as the Dillon Glass Table Lamp – White and place on a white bedside table.

Reader’s Paradise

Reader’s Paradise

Use books to create a feature wall. Shelve the entire wall and stack with books for a stylish literary effect. Frame a limited edition book or copies of your favourite book covers to continue the theme and don’t forget to add a reading light such as the Low Energy Swing Arm Reading Light – Black Chrome so you can enjoy your favourite novel.

How to decorate your bedroom, which arguably is the most personal space in your home, is a very individual choice. From a clean white décor to striking statement decoration we have a rich selection of lighting to add the finishing touches.

For more interesting ideas click here.


The Ultimate LED Picture Lights

The Ultimate Cordless Dimmable LED Picture Light is a great example of brilliant simplicity. In fact it’s so good it’s proving to be one of our most popular products ever. It delivers just about everything you could ever want from a picture light; perfect control, great flexibility, fantastic versatility, beautiful looks and surprising longevity. However you may simply want to check out our full range of picture lights.

Why Is It The Ultimate?

Picture Perfect

The Ultimate Cordless Dimmable LED Picture Light is perfect for showing off your paintings and photographs. Because it uses LED technology there’s no risk to your pictures. Unlike standard fluorescent or incandescent bulbs LED’s don’t produce heat or UV light both of which can age the images on display. Fluorescent lighting is particularly bad for pictures as they generally emit an even higher level of UV than their incandescent counterparts. Ultimately it’s best to avoid both if possible.

The ultimate LED picture lights image 1

Effortless Control

Thanks to its remote control you can adjust the level of illumination that your Ultimate Cordless Dimmable LED Picture Light provides, allowing you to set the ambiance for your display. A single remote can control multiple lights, so you don’t need a number of different remote units for your picture lighting.

The ultimate LED picture lights image 2

Looking Good

Not only will these lights make your pictures look their best but they’re extremely good-looking as well. We’ve just added the new Satin Nickel finish to our existing range of Antique Brass or Polished Brass options so whether you’re looking for something traditional or more modern we have a choice of styles that will work with any decor. And as we’re the exclusive UK stockist of the Ultimate Cordless Dimmable LED Picture Light you know where to come to get everything you need.

The ultimate LED picture lights image 3

Easy To Install

Using the word install is a bit misleading as there is little installation required. All you need to do is select which picture or feature you want to show off and then screw the picture light to the wall, that’s it! So you no longer have to think about calling an electrician to wire in a new fitting, or have the location of your pictures dictated by an existing light fitting; you have complete control over where they go.

The ultimate LED picture lights image 4

Long Lasting Light

The running costs of this Picture Light is very low. Powered by 4 standard D batteries for the light and 2 x AAA batteries for the remote each light will run for over 100 hours or more if you don’t have it on the brightest setting. It’s completely up to you what setting you have the light on and a simple touch of a button will allow you to restore it to full brightness.


These picture lights are great for illuminating paintings and photographs up to 3 feet wide but they are also ideal for smaller pictures as well and will fit conveniently where needed.

When it comes to lighting artwork and pictures the Ultimate Cordless Dimmable LED Picture Light really lives up to its name!

Why not view our complete range of Picture Lights?

Looking for more inspiration? Try our Lighting Ideas section.

Andrew Evangelidis Head of Buying

Andrew is an experienced buying professional who takes an entrepreneurial approach to identify new lighting solutions and ensure Lyco have first-to-market ranges for our customers. Having previously worked for well known brands such as Wickes, Carphone Warehouse and Toys R Us, Andrew has now turned his hand to sourcing commercial lighting and ensure our customers receive top brand quality products at marketing leading prices. He manages a team of commercial and decorative buyers who travel the world finding new products that our customers don’t even know they need yet.


A Guide To Period Lighting

In this article we are going to be looking at period lighting in relation to the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian monarchies. This is a very basic way to look at lighting styles over a period that covers three hundred years, but it’s very interesting to define what characteristics are related to each era.

However please bear in mind though that the examples below are not 100% definitive of each particular period. This article is more about looking at interesting fittings that are reminiscent in style of a given era.

Let’s Take A Journey Back In Time

The Georgian Period (1714 – 1837)

This is the longest era covering over a hundred years and four kings named Georges (1st – 4th). A graceful and elegant period with a sense of refinement and in everything from clothes to interior design there was an emphasis on the importance of presentation.

Period lighting image 1

The Chateau Twin Wall Light will work well in a Georgian styled room. Its soft tone and simple ornate design makes it very reminiscent of the period. This type of fitting can help to give a room a sense of balance when installed in pairs or groups of four for the feeling of symmetry.

Period lighting image 2

If you are looking for something a little bit more eye-catching then the Katie 5 Light Chandelier is well presented with a sense of dignified grandeur. It’s easy to picture this wall light adorning a Georgian style dining room with pale blue walls and a large dark oak table.

Period lighting image 3

The Victorian Period (1837 – 1901)

This, of course, covers the reign of Queen Victoria; a time when fashion and design had many difference influences. There was a huge emphasis on decorative ornamentation often featuring animals and nature.

Period lighting image 4

If we are going to talk about this period in terms of lighting then we have to pay tribute to the classic Victorian street lamp. The Norfolk Triple Lamp Post Lantern – Black is a perfect example of this style of lighting. This would be an excellent way to add a touch of Victorian refinement to your garden.


The Edwardian Period (1901 – 1910)

This is by far the shortest era but it’s by no means a footnote in history. This was a time of change and moving away from the Victorian style and embracing the early 20th Century. There was a greater emphasis on softer colours and a more light heated approach to design.

Period lighting image 6

The American Diner 3 Light Pendant would make a well suited centrepiece to a room that is going for an early 20th Century décor. This type of fitting would, of course, work beautifully in a dining room. However it’s also easy to picture this feature light in a conservatory above wicker furnishings surrounded by plant life.

Period lighting image 7

As always when considering different periods of style and design it’s important to note that there is always a great deal of overlap especially when it comes to something like lighting. We hope this look at lighting styles over the ages has helped you to clarify the type of theme you want to recreate in your home.

For more inspiration try our Lighting Ideas section.

Maxine Clarke Senior Buyer

Maxine has been our decorative buyer since 2015. With her experience in working for consumer-led brands, she is the perfect person to pick out the latest lighting trends for both your home and business. Maxine has an eye for the best up-and-coming lighting from the UK and around the world and works tirelessly to add new brands to our portfolio. One of her trends to watch in 2020 is connectable garden lighting; with summer garden parties more and more popular, being able to build and extend your own outdoor lighting with spotlights, festoons and string lights has never been easier – simply plug and play.

Buyers Guides

Top 10 Modern Ceiling Lights

Your choice of modern ceiling lights is a key factor when creating a stylish contemporary home. Whether you prefer a minimalist look with a neutral colour palette or a more striking décor with vibrant splashes of colour we have something to suit.

Why not take a look at our top 10 compilation of some of the best in this category.

Ten Of The Best

Top 10 Modern ceiling lights image 1

The Hemisphere Telescopic Pendant

Exuding modernity, this attractive polished chrome and glass pendant light will bring a touch of sophisticated styling to any contemporary setting. Position it over a white high gloss kitchen island or a modern dining table for both ambient and task lighting.

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The Disc 20 Pendant

If you want to make a statement with your modern ceiling lights then this designer light will not disappoint. Crafted using recycled cardboard, this modern piece of art will work beautifully teamed with oak wood flooring and soft brown leather sofas. Add a couple of table lamps or a floor lamp into the mix to layer the light in your room.


The Enola Pendant – White

Clean lines and simple styling are the key components for a minimalist décor. This modern ceiling light is effortlessly stylish and will be perfect for a monochrome kitchen/diner set against sleek granite work surfaces and black gloss units. Alternatively position it over a table for streamlined lighting.

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The Ripasso 9 Pendant – Green

Bring a contemporary vibe to your home with the use of vivid colours. This ceiling light will bring a splash of colour to any modern living space and will work well in a hallway to create a warm and inviting environment. It would also be an instant hit in a child’s bedroom helping to create a fun space.

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The Cube Wire Light System

Designed with a blend of glass and polished chrome, this contemporary fitting gives a modern take on the traditional spotlight and is ideal for a kitchen/diner with an uneven ceiling. It will work well with simple white plastered walls or a more decorative feature wall.

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The Fireguard LED3 Downlight – Polished Chrome – Cool White

Recessed lighting is a modern way to illuminate any room and can be a good choice if you have low ceilings in your home. This sleek and simple downlight is not only fire rated but uses advanced energy efficient LED technology to provide cost effective long-lasting illumination.

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The Mashiko 200 Flush Fitting – Bronze

Modern ceiling lights comes in all shapes and sizes and this striking square flush fitting will be perfect in a simply styled bathroom in neutral tones. Position it on the ceiling for a warm, relaxing and diffused light.

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Sassari 5 Light Semi-Flush

Modern lighting can inject glamour into your interior space and this striking semi-flush fitting will bring a dazzling sparkle into your bedroom, living room or dining area. Team with sophisticated furnishings and brightly coloured rugs and cushions for modern elegance.

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The Frame Low Energy Flush Fitting

This flush fitting combines modern styling and smart low energy technology. Designed for contemporary living spaces it will work well with a minimalist décor thanks to its simple clean lines.

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The Galileo 20 Light Pendant – 2 Metre Drop

If you are looking for modern ceiling lights of distinction then what better way to illuminate a stylish hallway than with this sensational cascading light. Its faceted crystal glass shades will bring an exquisite sparkle to your home and can be mixed with simple furnishings allowing it to take centre stage.


As you can see there is a wide range of different styles to choose from. We hope our top 10 rundown has given you some ideas or maybe even helped you to find something amazing for your home.

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Maxine Clarke Senior Buyer

Maxine has been our decorative buyer since 2015. With her experience in working for consumer-led brands, she is the perfect person to pick out the latest lighting trends for both your home and business. Maxine has an eye for the best up-and-coming lighting from the UK and around the world and works tirelessly to add new brands to our portfolio. One of her trends to watch in 2020 is connectable garden lighting; with summer garden parties more and more popular, being able to build and extend your own outdoor lighting with spotlights, festoons and string lights has never been easier – simply plug and play.