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Top 10 Outdoor Lighting Ideas

This top 10 outdoor lighting ideas rundown should hopefully give you some inspiration and offer some fresh ideas for illuminating your outside space during the spring and summer months. This list covers such a variety of lighting options that it’s not possible to say one is better than the other. It’s better to think of this as a cross section of some of the most fun, interesting and practical outdoor lighting solutions.

Ten Of The Best

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Timeless Elegance

OK to kick us off we have the Livoni Wall Light – Stainless Steel. This fitting is the perfect marriage of contemporary and traditional. Its smooth steel body gives it a sharp modern look. A pair of these installed on an exterior wall would create a dramatic atmosphere.

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Rusty Charm

The next on our list is the Rusty Cone 70 Post. This is an excellent outdoor lighting idea if you are looking for something with unique character and eye-catching appeal. Because of the distinctiveness of this fitting it will work well with a wide range of garden styles.

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Practical And Stylish

Brick lights like the Mono LED Brick Light are a great way to add atmospheric style to your garden when the sun goes down. From a practical point of view brick lights also make steps and patio areas safer at night.

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Simple Traditional Character

Outdoor pedestal lamps such as the Turin Grande Pedestal Lantern – Verdigris are a great way to add a sense of smart Victorian charm to your garden. They are wonderful garden features that offer so much in the way of ornamental value.

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Stick Them Anywhere

When it comes to outdoor lighting ideas a versatile option can be very useful. Take the Alder LED Spotlights – Set of 3, this type of stake light is an easy way to illuminate flowerbeds but if you need to you can quickly reposition them for a garden party or social event.

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Spot On Illumination

If you want precise illumination for specific areas and features of your garden then you may want to consider the Nemesis Twin Garden Spotlight. This is a very clear and practical source of lighting suitable for many outdoor applications. You could use them to add dramatic lighting to areas of interest such as trees and water features.

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Subtle Illumination

Deck and ground lights are a subtle way to add a contemporary feel to your garden. A fitting like the Felix IP68 7W Recessed Ground Light with Colour Filters is not only great for decking and pathways but also for marking out the edges of your garden.

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Unique And Cost Effective

A list of the top 10 outdoor lighting ideas would not be complete without something really unique and interesting. The Quarter Solar Stake Light is a fun little feature light perfect for decorative garden illumination. You could for example spot a few of these around a tree to make it a bit more noticeable.

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Just For Fun

When it comes to purely decorative and fun lighting you can’t beat the Everbright Solar Fairy Lights – White – 300 LED. You can hang them anywhere you like. They will work particularly well when wrapped around smaller trees and bushes.

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Party Lighting

We know we couldn’t have a top 10 outdoor lighting ideas rundown without something especially for summer garden parties. The Weatherproof Lighting Festoons – 50 Bulb Holders is just the thing for family gatherings, birthday parties or any other garden event.

Well there you have it, a quick selection of ideas to hopefully get your imagination going and give you some inspiration for new ways to decorate your garden this year. This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg we have tons of other garden fittings for you to choose from here at Lighting Direct.

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LED garden lighting – grow with a glow

The potential of LED as an energy-efficient indoor light source is big business, but when it’s moved outside LED really starts to shine as a fun and flexible light form that can be morphed into almost any application. Click here to view outdoor LED fittings.

As a garden light an LED can be as small or as large as you like; it can be wrapped around trees and pillars; it can occasionally be walked over, driven over, or submerged; and it’s as ‘tough as old boots’ as the saying goes, with an ability to operate in cold temperatures down to -20°C and lower without any adverse effect. They also make great security lights.

The lifespan of many LEDs is so long that the idea of ‘replacement bulbs’ is gradually going out of vogue. Designers can now make luminaires with 50,000 hour longevity in mind, so, for instance, an outdoor fitting can be comprehensively sealed against the elements with no need for access.

Around the house

You may by now have gathered that LED is different. It’s a versatile ‘solid state’ form of illumination that provides a very broad palette when it comes to getting creative with your garden lighting. You can use it to illuminate pathways and driveways, plants, shrubs, trees, statues, gazebos, trellises, parasols, columns, decking, patios, ponds, fountains, and lawns.

The stylish and contemporary Vega LED Wall Light comes in a variety of metal finishes. Its integral 5W LED delivers 300 lumens of relaxing warm white light, and is fully dimmable for extra control over ambience. An IP54 rating provides evidence of robust resistance to dust and rain. With an expected 30,000 hour LED lifespan, you’ll enjoy many years of maintenance-free use from this attractive outdoor luminaire.

Precise adjustment

A powerful level of security is provided by the LED PIR Twin Floodlight, which emits the equivalent output of a 200W halogen floodlight using only 8% of the energy. This light has a PIR movement sensor that triggers light whenever it detects changes in infrared radiation within its range. Any object with a temperature above −273.15°C (absolute zero) radiates IR heat, so the sensor is extremely effective!

One popular way to enjoy a garden is to add areas of decking, where you can wine and dine ‘al fresco’ style with family and friends. Products such as the Metro Set of 10 Ground Lights are often used at the edges of decking platforms, adding an element of safety as well as creating relaxing ambience. The low-voltage Metro set comes with cabling, a weatherproofed junction box, and a 12V transformer to provide an extremely safe outdoor voltage. Low-voltage lights are highly practical in the garden, since they do away with any need to dig a deep trench system for cable burial!

LED garden lighting image 2Demonstrating the sheer versatility of LED lighting, the Assisi Large LED Planter is a great way of highlighting large colourful plants and shrubs by night! One of the benefits of LED design is that LEDs themselves measure mere millimetres, and there are 15 of them in this decorative plant pot. These low-voltage planters look great in pairs as an adornment to the entrance of a home.

LED up the garden path

Moving away from the house and towards the charm of the garden itself, LED lights can play a role in highlighting special features, creating ambience, and making the garden a safe place to navigate by night.

Ideal for lining garden paths, the stunning 24-LED Short Stainless Steel Post from Searchlight oozes contemporary style with its smart stainless steel finish, and emits a cool daylight-simulating illumination that will bring out the natural colours of your flower and shrubs. This fully weatherproofed, IP44-rated post light is also obtainable in a taller version, which provides extra visibility amongst high grasses and plants.

Choice of colour temperature is a feature you won’t often find in incandescent or halogen lamps, since their output is constrained by the physical temperature of the filament (roughly 2727°C in a halogen bulb). Energy-efficient LEDs do not waste power in producing this phenomenal heat, which also makes them less of a safety hazard.

The superb Deltech GL7 LED Wall or Ground Spotlight is as hardy as your winter plants, with an IP65 Ingress Protection rating that allows installation close to water and makes it completely dust-tight and water-proof. This fitting is also fantastic for showing off dramatic features such as a rockery.

LED garden lighting image 3Versatile and discreet, the triple-set of Alder LED Spotlights can be dotted around a border, rockery, or lawn to highlight horticultural delights, and are easily moveable thanks to their compact design and spiked bases. These weatherproofed lights come with cabling and a 10W transformer, with an ability to easily add an extra light if required (available separately). Being low-voltage, they are also extremely safe for gardens inhabited by children and pets, and again require no extravagant cable concealment.

An exciting marriage of low-energy and clean-energy technologies comes about when LED lighting is partnered with solar. Take the Everbright Solar Fairy Lights – Warm White – 300 LED, for example; this string of LEDs can be draped around many garden items to great decorative effect, and has a built-in photocell that can be set to automatically turn the lights on and off from dusk until dawn. One of the biggest attractions here is that you can take these LEDs to any far-flung corner of your garden, since they require no access to an electrical point.

These days there is no reason why your garden shouldn’t be just as inviting at night as it is in the day. Though LEDs are as motionless as any rock, in the right hands they are nimble, clever, and agile, allowing an intricate painting to be created from the canvas that is your garden.

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Andrew Evangelidis Head of Buying

Andrew is an experienced buying professional who takes an entrepreneurial approach to identify new lighting solutions and ensure Lyco have first-to-market ranges for our customers. Having previously worked for well known brands such as Wickes, Carphone Warehouse and Toys R Us, Andrew has now turned his hand to sourcing commercial lighting and ensure our customers receive top brand quality products at marketing leading prices. He manages a team of commercial and decorative buyers who travel the world finding new products that our customers don’t even know they need yet.


Garden lights comparison

The UK is, without doubt, a land of keen gardeners. Whenever weather permits, many of us can be found ‘pottering about’ or relaxing in our gardens, and yet, come dusk, we are often willing to surrender this precious space to the will of the moon.

If you recognise this scenario, you might like to acquaint yourself with some of the many garden lights that are available nowadays, increased in number by the vast design potential of LED.

Garden lights image 1

Garden lights to consider


To create drama in your garden you can use ‘uplighting’ (upward lighting), with a fitting such as the Searchlight Barton Spotlight. This is a great light for highlighting trees, shrubs, and statues. The Barton is priced attractively, and takes a commonly used and easily replaceable GU10 reflector bulb.

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You can be sure that all garden lights are weatherproof, but the GL7 LED Spotlight – Warm White is ideal for positioning close to water features with a particularly impressive IP65 Ingress Protection rating. This is a dedicated LED fitting that requires no bulbs, and offers years of low-cost, maintenance-free use. To view more garden spotlights click here.

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Feature Lights

You can get creative with the Everbright Solar Fairy Lights – White – 300 LED by wrapping them around garden features such as handrails, trellises, and parasols. Their frugal use of power means they are driven purely by solar and have a built-in rechargeable battery. After your initial investment this means years of free lighting.

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Swedish decorative lighting experts, Konstsmide, make the Assisi LED Planter, which offers a ready-made means of showing off plants and lighting a path or doorway. The planters are completely rain-proof, and come with a 6-metre cable and transformer.

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Deck Lights & Ground Lights

Deck lights and ground lights are unfailingly tough, and depending on which model you choose can be walked over, driven over, jet-cleaned, rained upon, and even fitted underwater. An indicator of this is their IP (Ingress Protection) rating, which signifies its level of defense against dust and water.


Posts and Bollards

‘Post lights’ and ‘bollards’ are interchangeable terms used to describe the same type of light, which measure in height from about 30cm to over 1-metre. Such lights are perfect for lighting paths or driveways, making your garden safer to navigate whilst also adding visual interest. They offer the added advantage of rising above garden debris such as fallen leaves.

Garden lights image 6

The Saturn Post Light from Searchlight takes a standard screw-fit bulb, and comes with a reassuring 3-year guarantee. Its frosted polycarbonate diffuser softens light output and minimises glare, whilst also being shatterproof.

Garden lights image 7

A taller option is the Searchlight Stainless Steel Post, with the height being extra-useful when placed among tall plants or shrubbery. This light uses a diffuser to protect your eyes from the glare of the bulb whilst still allowing sideward and downward illumination.

Small & large gardens

If you have a small garden you’ll want to avoid over-lighting it. A few, well-placed lights will make the best of your space. LED lights are great for this type of purpose; they’re easy to install and often very compact, so you can dot them around unobtrusively where required. To create an illusion of space, using lights to emphasise perspective works well, e.g. placing lights along a line of vision, perhaps between trees or shrubs, with a strong light and feature placed at the furthest point.

A larger garden is a larger canvas, so you can build it up as you wish, creating areas of light and dark for increased mood, and highlighting paths for purposes of safety and intrigue. If you have big trees in your garden you can position downlights in their branches, casting a broad light across the lawn, or leisure area. Equally, you can cast light up a tree for dramatic effect.

To enjoy your garden at any hour, reclaim it from the night with these great lighting solutions!

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Shining light on garden spotlights

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Deck lights offer garden glamour

With the summer fast approaching, you might fancy throwing a few outdoor parties, get-togethers and all day BBQs. And as those summer nights draw in, nothing gives your garden that beautiful evening glow quite like deck lights.

We’ve got easy-to-install options, which add glamour to your garden through the summer and beyond. Our deck lights are designed to withstand the wet British winters (and summers too) and can even be used to brighten up water features.

Deck lights are an easy and effective way to style-up your garden, but they also have practical benefits too, such as lighting the pathways to your garage or shed. Multiple lights in your decking and wooden posts lead the way and make your walk safe.

How easy are they to install

Our plug ‘n’ play LEDs connect to other compatible lights, so you can create larger lighting features across your decked area and underwater applications.

Plug ‘n’ play lights can be installed without using a qualified electrician – simply screw or clip them into your decking and attach the plug. Other lights will require a mains lead, and possibly the help of a professional. Install LEDs in wooden posts and water features to give your garden an all-over glamorous look.

Lights that lead the way

Many of our lights come in different colours, from glowing white to electric blue. The Felix IP68 7W Recessed Ground Light even comes with green and red filters, so you can get really creative.

Most deck lights have a circular design, but if you want a square alternative, take a look the Hybra LED Deck Light. It has a white LED glow, with a 30-40,000 hour lifespan. Complemented with its stainless steel design, this light is a stylish choice for your garden. Its IP44 rating protects it from splashing water too, so it stays looking great all year round.

The Metro Set of 10 Ground Lights is a popular choice. They come with either blue or white LEDs, and each light has a 5m cable to give you great flexibility when it comes to positioning them across your decking.

They are an undoubted classy option, with a stainless steel finish and prismatic diffusers that add a stylish glow to your garden. They have an IP44 rating too, so they withstand rain in the winter.

Of course, it’s vitally important that your deck lights are robust, especially if that area is used as a walkway or for socialising. The Garland LED Walk Over Lights have a high IP68 rating, so besides being completely dust and waterproof they can also withstand people walking, or even driving, on them. Their compact design makes them ideal for walkways, or even water features and ponds (up to 1m deep). They also come in white and blue options. Also worth considering are the Birch LED Walkover Garden Lights, which combine both great looks and a robust design.

Stay grounded

We’ve also got ground lights, which are specifically designed to fit into concrete and paving. If you want to brighten up your pathway or drive as well as making it safer, check out our range of ground lights, which include the stylish Xerus White LED Light and Messina LED Light.

Take a look at our full range of Deck Lights.

Alternatively if you are looking for more inspiration and advice, try our Lighting Ideas section.

Andrew Evangelidis Head of Buying

Andrew is an experienced buying professional who takes an entrepreneurial approach to identify new lighting solutions and ensure Lyco have first-to-market ranges for our customers. Having previously worked for well known brands such as Wickes, Carphone Warehouse and Toys R Us, Andrew has now turned his hand to sourcing commercial lighting and ensure our customers receive top brand quality products at marketing leading prices. He manages a team of commercial and decorative buyers who travel the world finding new products that our customers don’t even know they need yet.