Lighting focus – Kitchen / Diner

What is the new generation of first time home buyers looking for? They recognise that the first rung on the property ladder will almost inevitably mean a house with modest accommodation. However expectations are high in terms of style and design. Since the kitchen/diner is likely to be the focal point of family life it is essential to focus on the design of this particular room.

Kitchen lighting will be crucial. It will need to reflect and complement the range of activities that take place there – food preparation, cooking, socialising – and help create a feeling of warmth and well being at the heart of the house.

How can lighting help?

Lighting can help differentiate the various areas within the single space of the Kitchen/Diner. It can create the appropriate ambience whether it’s in the more high tech food preparation area or where the family gather for meals. Click here for a look at kitchen island lighting.

The one feature that is common to the whole space is the ceiling. The lighting here must work throughout and must be absolutely flexible to cope with the different zones of the room. Dimmable ceiling spotlights are the answer. This flexibility in lighting allows the homeowner to adjust the light according to need – bright during food preparation, more subdued when dining. The warm white light of the Fireguard LED6 downlighter creates a fresh but not too stark solution for this space. The stylish brushed nickel finish will certainly appeal to the more discerning consumer. Catering for all tastes, these fire-rated downlighters are also available in polished chrome and white.

These spotlights meet all current fire and building regulations and provide 80% energy saving when compared to Halogen. Since energy use standards require 75% of new build lighting to be efficient, these LED lights fit the bill perfectly. Installation too is quick and easy and with a ten year warranty this product is a very cost effective answer.

The Dining area

This is the area where home owners will want to entertain friends and family in a relaxed and informal setting. Clever and stylish lighting which creates a convivial atmosphere will allow them to showcase their home. Lighting Direct can provide a cost effective solution. One product to consider is the Endon Polka Rise and Fall Ceiling Pendant which would make an ideal central lighting feature above the dining table. This is a traditional light fitting with a design dating back to the mid 20th century but with a stylish satin nickel finish. It has a very retro look which will complement the nickel finish chosen for the ceiling spots. As the name implies, this light fitting is adjustable and can be positioned to suit the occasion.

The Kitchen area

A splash of colour in this area could be very appealing to the discerning buyer. Under counter strip lighting is available in a number of colours but the use of Deltech’s blue flexi strips for example would add a ‘wow’ factor and an interesting and attractive feature within the overall lighting design. It’s worth noting that the blue strip is no more expensive than the white option.

Another way to add pools of light to the kitchen area is by illuminating the cabinets. Fixed Downlights in Satin Chrome continue the contemporary theme. They make brilliant display lights as almost 100% of the light energy points downwards highlighting anything on the shelf below. Glassware in particular would look stunning. These downlighters provide up to 10,000 hours of warm white light. They are simple to install and carry the ‘B’ energy rating.

This feature has focused on a small number of our vast range of products suitable for the modern kitchen/diner. For more inspiration and products why not check out our kitchen lighting and dining room lighting sections.

Alternatively, why not take a look at our Lighting Ideas section.

Maxine Clarke Senior Buyer

Maxine has been our decorative buyer since 2015. With her experience in working for consumer-led brands, she is the perfect person to pick out the latest lighting trends for both your home and business. Maxine has an eye for the best up-and-coming lighting from the UK and around the world and works tirelessly to add new brands to our portfolio. One of her trends to watch in 2020 is connectable garden lighting; with summer garden parties more and more popular, being able to build and extend your own outdoor lighting with spotlights, festoons and string lights has never been easier – simply plug and play.