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LED Garden Lights For Outdoor Projects

Author: Sarah Wigmore
Published: April 7, 2014

LED Garden lights are a great way to bring your outdoor space to life. LED lighting is very energy efficient and in turn is a cost effective way to illuminate your garden. LEDs have an extensive lifespan too so once installed outside will be virtually maintenance free.

The right time to think about LED garden lights is when you are about to embark on a project. So if you enjoy a bit of DIY and are just about to lay a garden patio or perhaps build a garden pond read on.

Perfect Project Illumination

LED garden lights image 1

The Garden Patio

Before you lay the first slab of your garden patio in place, think lighting. If you want to enjoy eating, drinking and socialising outdoors during the long summer evenings then you want the right level of illumination to create a stylish and relaxed ambience. The beauty of LED garden lighting is its robust nature so you can even install them directly into your patio safe in the knowledge that you can walk on them. The Birch LED Walkover Garden Lights - Set of 3 are part of the Plug 'n' Play range and do not require an electrician for installation making them perfect for a DIY project.

LED garden lights image 2
If you want to steer away from putting lighting directly into your patio then why not dot the Assisi LED Planter – Standard around the edges for striking nocturnal lighting as well as a functional way to display your plants during the day.

LED garden lights image 3

Building The BBQ

Al fresco dining is a summertime treat and there’s nothing quite like the taste of food fresh from the barbecue. Maybe you have decided to bite the bullet and are going to put together your own brick barbecue for added authenticity. Well if that’s the case why not give some consideration to LED garden lights. The GL7 LED Spotlight - Daylight will provide task lighting to make sure you don’t burn the sausages!

LED garden lights image 4

Wildlife Pond

Attract frogs, toads and newts back into British gardens by creating your very own wildlife pond. Illuminating the inside of your pond at nightfall with the right LED garden lights can make a very impressive and almost enchanting display. A submersible LED light with its long lifespan such as the Adelpha Submersible Ground Light is a great choice.

LED garden lights image 5

Raised Beds

A raised flowerbed can make a very attractive garden feature and if you are just about to start creating your own masterpiece consider how eye-catching it will look illuminated at night. Highlight flowers and shrubs as the sun goes down with the contemporary styled Eglo Nema LED Garden Spike.

LED garden lights image 6

Garden Paths

Whether you choose concrete slabs or decking to lay your garden path, remember to include some lighting in your early plans. Not only can LED garden lights bring a glow to your outside space at night as they follow the route of your path but they are also essential for clear visibility. The Kolossos LED Garden Light in an anthracite effect finish is a smart modern choice.


Whenever you begin an outside project make sure that the lighting is part of the overall plan. Robust, long lasting, energy efficient all spring to mind when thinking about LED lights making them an excellent choice for any garden makeover.

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