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LED Conversion – Switch to LED

Author: Glenn Harper
Published: January 11, 2017

Would you like guaranteed cost savings on your energy bills? And reduced maintenance costs for your home? All without having to call an electrician?

Then switch to LED bulbs. Today.

Put simply, LEDs, with their extremely long life-span and energy efficient technology will give you up to 90% energy saving. And you’ll only have to buy one LED bulb for every seven halogen bulbs that blow – or every ten bulbs if you’re looking to replace incandescent bulbs.

What’s more – it’s easy to switch to LED bulbs – you can do it yourself and start benefit from an instant saving.

Does it just feel wrong to change a bulb that hasn’t blown?

Well, the savings you’ll get from reducing your energy bills after installing LEDs will definitely help you to feel better about getting rid of a ‘perfectly good lightbulb’. The Megaman 5.5W Warm White LED Candle Bulb offers an 80% energy saving over its halogen alternative, and is ideal as a classic lampshade bulb that offers an average lifespan of around nine years! Another good choice for regular home lighting is the dimmable Crompton 7.5W Warm White LED Decorative Filament GLS Bulb – bayonet fit (also available in screw cap). This bulb produces a glowing warm white light perfectly suited to any room in your home – especially dining rooms and bedrooms.

But don’t they take a long time to ‘get light’?

Not any more – most LEDs now provided immediate full brightness with no warm-up time, so no gloomy rooms or dark corners! Plus you can now get dimmable bulbs in a range of shapes and caps – including GU10s and GLS bayonets. If you’ve got a narrow or small space such as a hallway or recess to light, the Luceco 5W Warm White LED MR16 Bulb is ideal. Compatible with a large number of spotlight and downlight fittings, this 5W bulb is a natural fit when it comes to replacing your existing 35W halogen MR16 bulbs.

Or if you’re looking to install a track lighting system for brightening corridors, stairways, hallways, or display cases and cabinets, the Luceco 5W Warm White Dimmable LED GU10 Bulb - Flood Beam is an ideal low-voltage halogen replacement, with an astounding 25,000 hours of uninterrupted output.

LED lighting is cool. Literally.

Remember that LED bulbs remain cool to the touch even after use as they don’t waste energy producing unwanted heat. The Philips 9W Corepro Warm White LED GLS Bulb – bayonet fit and screw cap is a great general-purpose lightbulb that can last up to 15 times longer than its incandescent equivalent. And with an average longevity of 15,000 hours per bulb, you’ll be able to spend time enjoying your bulb, not changing your bulb!

Working from home?

In a home office, a phenomenal amount of heat is dished out by electrical equipment – including your lights. Why not avoid the sauna effect and keep refreshed with the affordable Luceco 5W Daylight LED GU10 Bulb - Flood Beam? And with a ‘daylight’ colour (instead of ‘warm white’ or ‘cool white’) you’ll add a fresher, brighter feel to your workspace.

Ready to make the switch?

Then take a look at our full range of LED bulbs and LED lighting – remember all our fittings come with FREE delivery!

If you’d prefer to talk to one of our advisors, then give us a ring from 9am – 6pm on 0843 317 7824. Or look through our Lighting Ideas section for inspiration and guidance on how to light your home.

It’s as simple as changing a light bulb.