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LED bulbs, top ten reasons to switch

Author: Sarah Wigmore
Published: January 9, 2014

Following EU legislation in recent years, the import of most popular forms of traditional incandescent bulbs is now forbidden. The UK’s supermarkets have now withdrawn them completely from sale. With many alternatives to choose from why should you switch to LED bulbs? What are the benefits? This article will show you how an investment in LED bulbs is advantageous for your home.

Ten benefits of LED bulbs

1. Cost savings

It can hardly be denied that LED bulbs are initially more expensive than incandescent, or halogen bulbs, but over the long run they are infinitely cheaper than alternative options. This is because they use energy far more efficiently than any of their counterparts. The Daily Telegraph agree with us and have illustrated the savings you can make in this example.

GU10 comparison

2. Energy efficiency

LED bulbs only use:

  • 10-20% of the energy used by incandescent bulbs
  • 25% used by energy-saving halogens
  • 50% of that consumed by high quality compact fluorescents (CFL)

3. Phenomenal lifespan

The energy-saving advantages make for an easy win, but that's not all. The phenomenal lifespan of LED bulbs puts them way past the competition when it comes to saving you money. It also means they are extremely low maintenance.

4. Environmentally friendly

Switching over to LED bulbs is a fast and easy way to help reduce your carbon footprint. As mentioned above they last far longer and use much less energy than other types of bulbs, so you can feel satisfied that you are doing your bit.

5. LED's will get cheaper

Manufacturers have found a new and cheaper way to make LEDs using silicon substrates. We don’t need to fully understand the science as consumers, but the tipping point for tumbling LED prices is relatively close at hand.

6. Quick payback

Although LED bulbs and fittings usually demand something of an up-front investment, pay-back on such investments occurs within just a few months, and LED is one technology that keeps on giving.

Reasons to switch to LED bulbs image 1

7. It's easy to switch

If you're looking for a like for like replacement for your standard bulbs and want to switch to LED's, then it's as easy as changing a light bulb. For instance the Philips MasterLED retrofitting GLS bulb range offers a number of different standard replacements.

8. You will never burn your fingers again

LED's produce little or no heat in comparison to their incandescent and halogen counterparts. This, of course, makes them safer for you and your family when changing them.

9. Replacement LED bulbs will mimic their predecessors

When you buy a retrofit LED bulb its design is blueprinted to emulate the bulb it replaces. GLS's will usually have a warm 2700K output to mimic incandescent, and spotlights will be made marginally cooler to mimic the 3000K output of halogen.

Reasons to switch to LED bulbs image 2

10. Some are even dimmable

Yes there are many dimmable LED bulbs on the market. You’ll need a trailing-edge or low-voltage dimmer switch. Among the very best trailing-edge dimmers for LED performance is the retrofitting Varilight V-Pro range, which has attracted positive attention from bulb manufacturers and end-users alike.

A word of warning

Not all LEDs are created equal

When replacing your old bulbs with new LED's you should always choose high quality products in every instance. Look for top brands, and buy from an established lighting retailer who offers a guarantee. Buying LEDs from an unreliable source may well lead to disillusionment in the product.

LED lighting is clearly the way of the future. It is an amazing innovation that deserves the attention it gets. Investing in LED technology will make a big difference in terms of your carbon footprint and the money you spend over the years. Click here for more LED articles.