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Inspirational kitchen lighting ideas

Author: Sarah Wigmore
Published: February 11, 2014

Are you looking for some inspiration and new kitchen lighting ideas? The importance of the right kitchen light should not be underestimated. Get it wrong and you can find yourself with a poorly lit space but get it right and you can create something spectacular. It’s all in the planning and your great ideas must be woven into your kitchen/diner design plans right from the outset.

You need to assess how you use your kitchen, its style, and the overall design effect you want to achieve.

More than just a place for cooking

A Social Hub

From morning ‘til night the kitchen/diner is the hub of the home. Whether it’s hurried weekday breakfasts or a leisurely week-end brunch over the newspaper our day starts and finishes in the kitchen. As a nation of tea drinkers the first thing we do is pop the kettle on the minute we come in from work, from walking the dog or doing the school run and we need a warm and welcoming ambience for our kitchen space whatever the time of day.

Kitchen lighting ideas image 1

The Sunbeam Wire Light System will give an even spread of light around your kitchen. Each spotlight can be individually directed to highlight, for example, seating areas where you can chat with friends over a glass of wine. This lighting system gives a new and innovative twist to the traditional spotlight.

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After Dark

They say all the best house parties end up in the kitchen so why not move away from traditional white lighting and try something new by introducing 5M LED Flexi Strips – RGB Colour Changing. They are perfect for under kitchen cabinets, work surfaces and shelves, a great way to add the wow factor. Moving through the colour spectrum they will add vibrancy and warmth to your kitchen/diner helping you, the family and your friends to unwind and relax after a hard day.

Food Prep

When it comes to chopping up vegetables, peeling potatoes and cooking you will need task lighting which directs a shadow free light on to your kitchen work surface. Energy efficient LED technology is at the forefront of today’s lighting so the LED Linkable Strip Light – 27 LEDs is certainly a good choice if you want a bright natural light for your food preparation. Simply install it under your kitchen cabinets and prepare your culinary delight. Kitchen lighting ideas image 3


Spotlights still have their part to play in modern kitchens and the Davida 4 Light Spotlight Bar combines contemporary style with LED functionality and can be positioned to light up your work surfaces to maximum effect. From food preparation, washing muddy boots at the sink, helping the children with their homework or doing your paperwork, task lighting is essential for every kitchen.

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Today the main dining table is quite likely to be in the kitchen. When we can it’s nice to sit and chat with the family around the table sharing stories and chatting about the day. Ambient lighting is a must for around the kitchen table and can be achieved through wall lights, pendant lights, plinth lighting, floor lamps or even a chandelier to make a statement. Try the decorative Polka Rise and Fall Pendant – Antique Brass above your table. It can be lowered for dining then raised a little for after dinner socialising.

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Group together lights at different heights over your table or kitchen island for a dramatic effect or install a triple light fitting such as the retro styled Dynamo Triple Pendant. Another clever kitchen lighting idea is to use one of the decorative filament bulbs on the market for an eye catching design effect.
From traditional to contemporary, functional to the aesthetic a rich mixture of stylish lights will enhance your kitchen space. Why not have a look at our full range of kitchen lights.

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