Indoor Wall Lights – Bringing your home to life

Hit a wall in terms of lighting ideas? Read on and find out how the versatile Wall Light can help bring your home to life.

If you’ve recently repainted or completely re-designed your home, you’ll want some excellent light fittings to show off your home’s décor to its potential. As you may or may not know, wall lights are excellent for creating softer, more ambient lighting and spotlights in particular are great for modern settings, such as in chrome and stainless steel kitchens; but the real question is, what model should you go for? Here we showcase the cream of our new wall lights, from flush lights and uplighters to spotlights and brackets.

Insert Brackets Here…

The word ‘brackets’ may not conjure up an aesthetically pleasing image, but our first choice of bracket light proves that you can combine modern materials and classic design into a pretty picture. Ideal for most settings, from living spaces to bedrooms, landings and hallways, the Elstead Eliot Wall Light has a lovely stem design with the contemporary look of polished chrome, making it an excellent choice for couples who might not be able to make a choice on décor.

Are you feeling flush?

Our next selection of lights are of the flush kind – ideal for smaller settings or for living areas that prefer clean, linear lines. First up, we have the Axton wall light large with a matt ceramic finish, this wall light will fit in beautifully with almost any type of décor  It’s great for those of you who like to keep things neutral, but will sit equally well amongst bright wall colours. This light fitting softens light wonderfully and would look gorgeous paired with another in a dining room, living room or bedroom.

If you like flush wall lights with a more modern type of look, you can’t go wrong with our next choice, the Edit Wall Light. This interesting light would look right at home in a modern living space where the ‘ordre du jour’ is clean lines and contemporary materials. It is perfect for a hallway, living room or dining room.

Uplifting Uplighters

Uplighters in themselves project light upwards therefore avoiding glare, whilst providing subtle discreet lighting. The Slice Wall Light Standard is a beautiful, versatile light that combines great design with practicality. Use this light in almost any room and enjoy enveloping illumination thanks to uplighting and downlighting functionality.

This low energy wall light will fit into almost any kind of setting thanks to a neutral colour and unobtrusive, classic design. The icing on the cake however, is that it can be painted to whatever colour you want thanks to its ceramic finish. Want a revamp? Simply repaint your light fitting and enjoy a completely different look. Looks great and saves you money.

The Spotlight’s on you!

Do you dream of creating the ultimate study or reading area – a place where you can relax, chill out, read your books and work but not feel like you’ve been transported back to that dingy school library? Then this Backa 1 Light spot light could be perfect for you. Modern and directional, it provides you with a great way to aim light exactly where you need it. Use it along with main lights for powerful illumination, or switch off the mains and cosy up with a book and the Backa wall light for a night of comfortable reading. This light would also work really well in a kitchen or dining room; spotlights are great for task lighting!

If you don’t appreciate the harshness of a main light when entertaining friends and family in your kitchen or dining room, then the Loft 2 Light Wall Bracket could be the wall light for you. In a matt white finish with polished chrome trim it is contemporary but will fit in with almost any style and décor colour thanks to a neutral and unobtrusive finish. It’s also a great light for those times when you need extra illumination when preparing dinner.

Create a wall of light in your home

 So now you’ve seen the ones we like, why not browse the rest of our wall light collection to ensure you find the perfect one to suit your needs. With our extensive range of wall lights, you’ll soon be relaxing in warm cosy lighting in every room of your home.

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