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Garden lights comparison

Author: Glenn Harper
Published: July 15, 2013

The UK is, without doubt, a land of keen gardeners. Whenever weather permits, many of us can be found ‘pottering about’ or relaxing in our gardens, and yet, come dusk, we are often willing to surrender this precious space to the will of the moon.

If you recognise this scenario, you might like to acquaint yourself with some of the many garden lights that are available nowadays, increased in number by the vast design potential of LED.

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Garden lights to consider


To create drama in your garden you can use ‘uplighting’ (upward lighting), with a fitting such as the Searchlight Barton Spotlight. This is a great light for highlighting trees, shrubs, and statues. The Barton is priced attractively, and takes a commonly used and easily replaceable GU10 reflector bulb.

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You can be sure that all garden lights are weatherproof, but the GL7 LED Spotlight – Warm White is ideal for positioning close to water features with a particularly impressive IP65 Ingress Protection rating. This is a dedicated LED fitting that requires no bulbs, and offers years of low-cost, maintenance-free use. To view more garden spotlights click here.

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Feature Lights

You can get creative with the Everbright Solar Fairy Lights - White - 300 LED by wrapping them around garden features such as handrails, trellises, and parasols. Their frugal use of power means they are driven purely by solar and have a built-in rechargeable battery. After your initial investment this means years of free lighting.

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Swedish decorative lighting experts, Konstsmide, make the Assisi LED Planter, which offers a ready-made means of showing off plants and lighting a path or doorway. The planters are completely rain-proof, and come with a 6-metre cable and transformer.

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Deck Lights & Ground Lights

Deck lights and ground lights are unfailingly tough, and depending on which model you choose can be walked over, driven over, jet-cleaned, rained upon, and even fitted underwater. An indicator of this is their IP (Ingress Protection) rating, which signifies its level of defense against dust and water.

Posts and Bollards

‘Post lights’ and ‘bollards’ are interchangeable terms used to describe the same type of light, which measure in height from about 30cm to over 1-metre. Such lights are perfect for lighting paths or driveways, making your garden safer to navigate whilst also adding visual interest. They offer the added advantage of rising above garden debris such as fallen leaves.

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The Saturn Post Light from Searchlight takes a standard screw-fit bulb, and comes with a reassuring 3-year guarantee. Its frosted polycarbonate diffuser softens light output and minimises glare, whilst also being shatterproof.

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A taller option is the Searchlight Stainless Steel Post, with the height being extra-useful when placed among tall plants or shrubbery. This light uses a diffuser to protect your eyes from the glare of the bulb whilst still allowing sideward and downward illumination.

Small & large gardens

If you have a small garden you’ll want to avoid over-lighting it. A few, well-placed lights will make the best of your space. LED lights are great for this type of purpose; they’re easy to install and often very compact, so you can dot them around unobtrusively where required. To create an illusion of space, using lights to emphasise perspective works well, e.g. placing lights along a line of vision, perhaps between trees or shrubs, with a strong light and feature placed at the furthest point.

A larger garden is a larger canvas, so you can build it up as you wish, creating areas of light and dark for increased mood, and highlighting paths for purposes of safety and intrigue. If you have big trees in your garden you can position downlights in their branches, casting a broad light across the lawn, or leisure area. Equally, you can cast light up a tree for dramatic effect.

To enjoy your garden at any hour, reclaim it from the night with these great lighting solutions!

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