DIY lighting: easy home updates without an electrician

diy lighting

As we’re all spending a little more time at home these days, now’s your chance to get those nagging DIY jobs done.

Whether you’re redecorating the bedroom, finally hanging those shelves up, or just moving some furniture around – there’s no denying that a good DIY job is the perfect way to fill your time productively.

If you’re looking to spruce up your space without too much effort, updating your lighting is a great place to start. A new wall light, lamp or ceiling light can make a huge difference to your space without requiring too much elbow grease.

You might not be able to get an electrician round at the moment, but we’ve got plenty of lighting options up our sleeves that you can easily install yourselves.


Plug-in wall lights

A common misconception about wall lights is that they’re tricky to install. This can be true, but we’ve got a variety of plug-in options that are easy to fit and don’t involve any complicated wiring.

If you’re working from home at the moment, installing a simple reading light could help to turn your space into a tranquil work area. This will help you to focus during work hours, while still allowing you to switch off in the evenings.

Plug in reading lights


Floor and table lamps

Lamps are a quick and easy way to freshen up your bedroom or living room. Just plug in and go.

While you’re spending more time at home, consider adding a cosy floor lamp to your favourite reading corner so you can unwind with ease.

Stylish plug-in floor lamp

If you want to add a touch of interest to a cabinet or a side table, a unique table lamp can completely transforming the room with just a flick of a switch.

Exposed bulb table lamp


Solar lights

If you’ve been meaning to install a security light outside for a while – now is your chance!

Powered only by the sun, solar lights are an easy way to add lighting to your garden without any electrical knowledge or understanding.

A simple wall fixture in brushed stainless steel is a beautiful way to frame your doorway. As long as it’s placed somewhere with access to direct sunlight, you’ll be fixed up and ready to go in no time.

Solar outdoor wall light

Now you can tick that job off your list.


Party lights

With spring around the corner and the sun finally showing its face, it’s a great time to start embracing our gardens.

Mow the lawn, tidy the flower beds and drag your outdoor furniture out from the back of the shed. Now let’s start thinking about the finishing touches.

A string of weatherproof festoon lights adds a touch of sparkle to the garden, so you can enjoy a relaxing glass of wine outside as the sun goes down.

Weatherproof festoons

You might not be hosting any parties at the moment, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy a little glimmer of light during these uncertain times.


Plug and play garden lights

Another simple and fun way to install stylish lights into your garden is with plug and play lights.

As the name suggests – you just need to choose your lights, connect them up and plug them in. They’re low voltage, so there’s no need to faff around burying cables either.

These garden spotlights are ideal for illuminating flower beds or lighting up pathways, so you can sit back and admire your beautiful garden after a long day of working from home.

Connectable garden lights

At Lighting Direct, we’ve got plenty of plug-in, battery operated, or connectable lights to help you with your DIY projects. As we all adapt to new lifestyle changes, we completely understand how important it is to have a calm and relaxing space to work and unwind during these uncertain times.

For more inspiration both for indoors and out, take a look at our collection of DIY lighting.


Sarah-Nunn Lighting Blog

Sarah Nunn

I’m Sarah, a writer and content creator with a big passion for interior design. Having recently bought my first home, the world of renovations and home décor has taken over my life in a way I never imagined. My house is full of mid-century furniture and colourful eccentricities – but my fascination with new season trends spans from Scandi minimalism to Art Deco extravagance.

Use Easy Fit Ceiling Shades To Update Your Lighting Without An Electrician

Bedside Lamp

We all like to update our home decor now again. Whether you pick out a new piece of artwork, upholster an old armchair, or switch out the curtains – you don’t need to redecorate the whole house to give your home a fresh perspective.

One of our favourite ways to give any room a small but effective transformation is by updating your ceiling light with a new shade. They can add drama or class to a room, they can amplify your chosen style, and they’re an easy addition to complement your furniture and wall colours.

Sometimes people shy away from updating their lighting because they don’t want to deal with the effort of calling out an electrician – instead, browse through our selection of easy fit shades and upgrade your home decor today.

Industrial styles

If you’re a fan of weathered wood, concrete and metallic materials in your home – you’re probably no stranger to the industrial home decor trend.

We think the perfect accompaniment to this raw and masculine style is a beautiful filament bulb. Our Edit Guard ceiling pendant shade in matt black is an easy fit option that shows off the intricate detail of the bulb perfectly – making it a great addition to your industrial home.

Edit Guard Easy Fit Ceiling Pendant Shade - Matt Black from Lighting Direct

Alternatively, our Edit Basin Glass ceiling shade is another simple but effective, easy fit ceiling shade. The slight champagne tint gives a soft, warm glow and lets the filament bulb do all the talking.

Edit Basin Glass Easy Fit Ceiling Pendant Shade - Champagne from Lighting Direct

For an even more minimal look, the Edit Qualle lamp holder in brass is a flexible option that is supplied with wall and ceiling fittings to suit your individual home. It doesn’t require a shade at all – giving it a relaxed and ‘undone’ feel.

Edit Qualle Lamp Holder - Brass from Lighting Direct

Unique patterns

Weird and wonderful patterns have seen a big return to the interior design scene in recent years.

Whether you’re a fan of floral, animal or tropical prints – choosing a lampshade that reflects your unique personality is an easy way to add a touch of interest to your home, with no need for an electrician.

This Edit Floral pendant shade is dark and sultry. It would suit an equally moody bedroom, with rich purple walls and dark wooden furniture. Simply take your old one off and swap it for this one to finish off the room perfectly.

Edit Floral Easy Fit Ceiling Pendant Shade - Black from Lighting Direct

If you’ve got jungle fever, embrace it with this Dar Bamboo tropical lampshade. The green leafy print goes perfectly in an eclectic living room – so pair it with a rich orange sofa and mid-century coffee table for a bold retro vibe.

Dar Bamboo Ceiling Pendant Shade - Green Print from Lighting Direct

For an even more unique take – consider our Edit Animal Portrait pendant shade for a really eccentric look. We think this looks great paired with antique furniture and vintage-inspired accents. Keep things simple though and let the lampshade speak for itself.

Edit Animal Portrait Easy Fit Ceiling Pendant Shade from Lighting Direct

Boutique chandeliers

A glass chandelier is the ultimate style centrepiece, however, these can be expensive and require plenty of space to install. Instead, we offer a few choices to get the chandelier look with an easy to fit shade. Keep it low-key with our Dar Large Tobin pendant shade, or opt for ultimate glamour with the Dar Cybil Crystal shade.

Dar Large Tobin Ceiling Pendant Shade - Clear from Lighting Direct

Dar Cybil Crystal Ceiling Pendant Shade - Clear from Lighting Direct

Whichever you choose, these options makes it simple to update your lighting at home – so you can wow your dining guests with your new boutique style, serving up some sparkling champagne and letting the crystal beads do all the talking.

Make sure you pair your extravagant new ceiling light with muted coloured walls and some shimmering home accessories for a classy and sophisticated look.

Children’s lampshades

Of course, it’s not just us grown-ups that like to update our rooms every now and again. As your children get older, their tastes and hobbies change too. Simply updating the lampshade in their bedroom could make all the difference to ensuring their room reflects their personalities perfectly.

Whether they choose stars, bears, trucks or unicorns – the easy fit style makes it a quick and straight-forward update to your child’s room, leaving you all more time to focus on playing!

We hope you’ve found a little inspiration for your next home update. As you can see, switching up the lighting in your home doesn’t have to be complicated – our easy fit styles put the power back in your hands to make your own changes with no electrician in sight.

Take a look at our complete range of easy fit lights and start planning your simple home update today.

Sarah-Nunn Lighting Blog

Sarah Nunn

I’m Sarah, a writer and content creator with a big passion for interior design. Having recently bought my first home, the world of renovations and home décor has taken over my life in a way I never imagined. My house is full of mid-century furniture and colourful eccentricities – but my fascination with new season trends spans from Scandi minimalism to Art Deco extravagance.

It’s Time To Stop Settling For Boring Table Lamps

Table Lamp

We really believe that table lamps are a simple way to make a big impact in your home. They can be the star of the show, or a subtle nod to your overall design – but either way, they make the world of difference.

There are some people who think that table lamps only have one function: practicality. They’re often used specifically for task lighting, and they’re not always considered for their style or design. This can sadly result in the purchase of a boring table lamp – and we think that’s a real shame.

Here at Lighting Direct, the choice for table lamps is (pretty much) endless – whether you opt for a statement, industrial, or minimal style, there are plenty of options to suit your home décor – and there’s really no reason you should have to settle for anything boring.

It’s not always just about looking good, though. While enhancing the style of the room, well-designed table lamps also play a big part in setting the lighting ambiance in your home. In fact, there are some people in the world who frequently choose to forgo the use of The Big Light entirely, in favour of several well-positioned table lamps.

So, if you’re a fan of cosy evenings in front of the TV, romantic dinners with your partner, or casual get-togethers with wine, cheese and great music – we think you sound like a table lamp kind of person. If you still need a little convincing, we’ve hand-picked a few of our favourite pieces at Lighting Direct to help inspire you – and you can rest assured they’re anything but boring.

Statement Table Lamps
Vintage Table Lamps
Gold Table Lamps
Industrial Table Lamps
Novelty Table Lamps
Minimalist Table Lamps
Touch Table Lamps


The Statement Table Lamp

If you like to go bold in your home with bright colours and eclectic furniture choices, we think a statement table lamp could be right for you.

Much like a piece of jewellery, a statement table lamp is the ultimate accessory for your home. No room is quite finished without it, so let’s bring the wow factor up a notch.

For the eccentric side of you, consider this Edit Zebra Ceramic table lamp. With a warm orange finish, beautiful zebra design and brass hardware – this piece would work effortlessly in an atmospheric bedroom with dark charcoal walls.

Zebra Table Lamp

Pair the lamp with a jet black shade for added drama, and surround it with brass accessories, rust-toned cushions and vibrant house plants to finish off the look.

For a softer take on the statement trend, try our Lucide Wiro table lamp in copper. The cage-effect wire frame creates a show-stopping piece for the living room. Keep the colours of the room neutral and place the lamp on a simple stand, letting it do all the talking.

Copper Table Lamp

If those aren’t really your style, try making the statement with the light pattern instead or the lamp itself, with our Lucide Paolo table lamp. This laser cut metal lamp with a white finish creates a beautiful pattern of light against the surfaces surrounding it.

Laser Cut Metal Lamp

For the biggest impact, place the lamp near a dark wall in a particularly cosy corner – stand back and let the light scatter across the room.


The Vintage Table Lamp

If your home is inspired by times gone by, consider a vintage-style table lamp to add the perfect finishing touch.

Whether you prefer the flower power of the 1960s or the glitz and glamour of the 1920s, a well-chosen table lamp can help to bring your style together and ensure a completeness to the theme of your home décor.

This simple Sober table lamp is finished with a polished gold base and a smoked glass shade. With an art deco vibe, this piece is ideal for adding a soft glow to the dining room. The perfect accompaniment to an extravagant cocktail cart, this table lamp will see you through party season and beyond.

Another table lamp that would work in a 1920s-inspired home is this Edit Gatsby ceramic lamp. The bold stripes make a strong statement, and would look beautiful paired with a tasselled shade.

Striped ceramic table lamp

For a more masculine take, this Edit Ornate Bankers table lamp is the perfect vintage-inspired piece for your desk. With the antique brass finish, this lamp works best paired with dark furniture and atmospheric colours – a great way to add a touch of vintage to your office space.

Ornate bankers lamp


The Gold Table Lamp

Are you a bit of a magpie with a penchant for metallic? We think the gold home décor trend will be right up your street for 2020.

A gold table lamp could be the perfect way to nail the trend with ease – either adding a subtle hint of glimmer or a bold statement depending on your style.

For a pretty addition, try the Edit Lane lamp in gold. With its frosted white spherical diffuser captured within a twisted gold frame, it’s a lovely piece for your sideboard. Combine it with soft colours and textures to create a mellow vibe, or pop it next to a metallic vase for a glimmering display.

Gold lamp with opal diffuser

If you prefer to make more of a statement, have a look at our large Edit Gerry lamp in pale gold. Paired with a large shade of equal extravagance, this piece becomes a real show-stopper. We think this lamp looks great in living rooms – but place it on a side table with minimal distractions to let it do all the talking.

Another great option is the Edit Milla glass table lamp. With its shimmering gold finish and green glass sphere shade, it reminds us slightly of a fortune-teller’s crystal ball. Of course, we’ve already seen your future – and it definitely involves incorporating this table lamp into your home décor.


The Industrial Table Lamp

The industrial home décor trend has been on the rise for several years now. Popular everywhere from warehouse apartments and trendy loft spaces to your local coffee shops and hipster restaurants – there’s no doubt that the style isn’t going anywhere.

Give your home an industrial vibe with this Edit Wharf table lamp with a black finish and polished gold lamp holders. Designed to show off decorative filament bulbs, this piece works perfectly against exposed brickwork and repurposed wooden furniture.

Black and Gold Table Lamp

Or, if your home is quite soft and cosy, this lamp can help give it that rough-and-ready feel synonymous with the trend.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique for your industrial property, try this Lucide Mopedd table lamp. With a rust-brown finish and opal glass diffuser, this lamp would look right at home alongside a vintage chesterfield sofa and some antique books. It can be tilted vertically, making it a practical piece as well as a design statement.

Metal Table Lamp

Perhaps simplicity is more your style. If so, let the beautiful filament bulb do all the talking with the Lucide Pukki table lamp in black. This piece looks great on a lighter wood surface, and helps to bring an element of the industrial to any room.

Black Lamp holder table lamp


The Novelty Table Lamp

At Lighting Direct, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We think the occasional addition of a novelty or quirky piece of lighting can really help to brighten up a home and make it a fun place to spend time.

Turn a somewhat lacklustre room into a fun and inspiring space again with the Lucide Cactus table lamp. A ceramic lamp shaped like a potted plant, this piece is sure to get your guests talking. It works in every room, but it’s especially fun as a desk accessory in your home office. It certainly helps to brighten up a dull day of reports – that’s for sure.

Green Plant Lamp

Alternatively, why not try one of our Edit neon lamps? With fun shapes and different colours available, they make a great statement piece to wow your friends.

While the star shape lamp is perfect for a child’s room, it can also work well in grown-up rooms too. Try them in the dining area as an interesting party piece, or consider adding them to your music set-up. Nothing says rock and roll like a record player, your favourite LPs and a touch of neon.

neon star lamp

For a slightly more sophisticated form of novelty – you could consider one of our statement animal lamps instead. The Edit Birdie and the Edit Norma are a perfect pairing, working beautifully together on a windowsill or a shelf. Style them with fun and colourful lampshades for an interesting display, or keep the shades minimal and let the bases speak for themselves.

bird table lampmonkey table lamp


The Minimal Table Lamp

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a minimal home. White walls, muted tones, and natural materials can make for a really relaxing space. That’s why we’re big fans of the Scandinavian style home décor, and more recently the Japandi trend for 2020.

If you’re partial to a neutral colour palette and a clutter-free space as well, we have a selection of minimal table lamps to suit you.

This Lucide Len table lamp is a simple piece that adds a touch of interest to a minimal space. The grey metal base and white glass shade are a timeless combination, but the shape of the lamp makes it unique. It really suits a neutral aesthetic, and would look perfect next to light coloured wooden furniture and muted, natural soft furnishings.

touch table lamp

For a touch of luxury, the Lucide Tycho table lamp is a great option. The satin brass finish with smoky grey glass is simple but beautiful – making it a great addition to a minimal home. Pair it with ashy grey walls and a fluffy cream rug for the ultimate luxury minimalism.

gold table lamp

Our Deco table lamp is a slightly more elegant take on minimalism. A simple polished gold base paired with a spherical opal bulb – this lamp is truly stunning. We love it placed on a dark cabinet, styled with a few books against clean white walls.

gold touch table lamp


The Touch Table Lamp

Our final collection of table lamps is possibly the most practical of all – the touch table lamp. With the ability to generate a warm glow of light with just the touch of a finger, they certainly make it a little easier to switch on your lamp in the middle of the night, when you’re fumbling around for your phone.

Not only are they stylish and practical, but they’re so easy to use. Just touch the base of the lamps to turn them on or off for the perfect ambience in your room without having to leave the comfort of your bed or chair.

We’ve mentioned a couple already, but one of our favourite touch lamps includes this Dar Jot lamp in chrome. A compact lamp with a polished chrome base and an opal glass shade, we think it looks right at home in a more feminine designed bedroom. Pop one on each side of the bed, and finish off the room with soft blush pink and sage green bedding.

touch table lamp

For a more vintage look, the Dar Glouchester touch lamps are ideal. The antique brass finish with alabaster glass shades are elegant and stylish, bringing a warm diffused glow to your home when placed on a bedside or living room table.

touch table lamps set of 2

So, if you were one of those people who thought that table lamps were boring, practical objects used only for finding your glasses in the middle of the night – we hope we’ve managed to change your mind a little.

One of the great things about table lamps, is that they don’t require any technical installation knowledge. They’re an easy and efficient way of incorporating a new trend or adding a touch of style to your room with very little effort. Just plug in and you’re good to go.

There’s really nothing stopping you going out and finding your perfect table lamp style now. Whether you opt for a show-stopping piece or a subtle design – it’s time to stop settling for boring table lamps.

Lighting the way to exam success: tips for studying at home

Desk Lamps

Exam season is a stressful time. There’s coursework to be finalised, tests to prepare for, and revision notes to be written up. The pressure is on to get the best grades possible so you can head off to your favourite college or university, or even land your dream job.

Having a study space at home that is designed to improve your concentration and increase your productivity is the first step towards exam success. You’ll probably be needing a suitable desk, a chair that supports your back, and some storage to keep your notebooks and equipment organised.
The next thing you’ll want to think about is getting the lighting sorted. We’ve got some ideas on how to make the most of your study space, and how a few small tweaks could be the key to helping you knuckle down and get the results you want.

Choosing the right coloured light bulbs

The first change you can make to your study space is an easy one – change the light bulbs!
Daylight bulbs are known to encourage alertness and improve performance. This is why many offices use them in meeting rooms, to help ensure their staff are working as productively as possible.

So, whether it’s your main ceiling light or a desk lamp, switching out the bulbs could be a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your work space.

At Lighting Direct, we have a couple of options for you. Our wide range of LED daylight bulbs are perfect for work spaces that are used solely for studying. However, if you want the option to change the lighting when you’re not using the room for study, you might want to consider our selection of Smart White Changing bulbs.

The Smart bulbs give you the option to control the bulb from a remote on your phone, so you can choose daylight for your study sessions but still create warmer glows for relaxing after your work is done.

Utilising the right lights for the right tasks

Studying for exams or working on coursework can often involve a variety of different tasks. Whether you’re typing up an essay for your English class, drawing up graphs for Maths, or creating a collage for art – you’ll want your lighting to reflect your needs.

For the note-taker:
It’s no good just having the main light on if you’re facing the other way and creating shadows over your textbook. If you’re a note-taker who does a lot of reading and writing, you might want to consider a traditional desk lamp like our House lamps in black or white – just remember to pair them with a daylight bulb for maximum productivity.

Desk Lamp

For the visual learner:
If you’re more of a visual person who likes to cover your desk in flashcards, pictures and other revision aids – you might find yourself a little short for space. Our Ross LED clip-on lamp could free up some room on your desk while also helping to create light focus on whatever it is you’re working on.

Clip on Desk lamp

For the creative teen:
If desk space is really a premium, you could consider removing lamps from the desk completely and utilising the wall space to generate light instead.

These modern looking spotlights are independently adjustable, giving you the flexibility to choose where to point the light, while freeing up space on your desk for your sketchbooks, paint pots, empty crisp packets, and anything else that helps you release your creativity.

Spotlight wall

Good luck!

We know you’ll have already been told what food to eat on exam day, what tools to invest in for revision, and what areas you need to focus on. But getting the lighting right in your study space can be just as important for ensuring your study time is effective and your exams go smoothly.

Hopefully you’ve learned a few easy ways to make sure your lights are working properly for your needs. Now go out and smash those exams – good luck!

Sarah-Nunn Lighting Blog

Sarah Nunn

I’m Sarah, a writer and content creator with a big passion for interior design. Having recently bought my first home, the world of renovations and home décor has taken over my life in a way I never imagined. My house is full of mid-century furniture and colourful eccentricities – but my fascination with new season trends spans from Scandi minimalism to Art Deco extravagance.