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A Guide to Decorative Filament Bulbs

Author: Sarah Wigmore
Published: August 26, 2014

Decorative filament bulbs can add the perfect finishing touches to a well designed modern interior. They generally produce a warm white light which is soft and ideal for a relaxing ambient illumination. However you may not be aware just how versatile this kind of decorative bulb is, and how you can use them not only indoors but in the garden as well.

Just by looking at pictures of the bulbs on their own doesn’t really get the imagination going. Below are a few stylish examples to get you thinking about how you can use them in your home.

A Few Simple Ideas

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Candle Bulbs

Decorative filament bulbs image 1

Candle bulbs are well suited to chandeliers and traditionally styled double wall brackets. As these types of fittings would have once been used to hold actual candles. A decorative filament bulb will enhance this antiquated image by offing a gentle warm glow that mimics a candle perfectly.

Here is an example of where a decorative filament candle bulb can be used in a chandelier that has a modern industrial feel.
Decorative filament bulbs image 2

Alternatively how about imagining a warm eye catching candle bulb in a classic and elegantly styled chandelier pendants.

Decorative filament bulbs image 3

Squirrel and Tubular

Decorative filament bulbs image 4

Squirrel and tubular decorative filament bulbs are similar in space and design. Consider your space and style of fitting, would either shape of bulb suit? To give you an example of where either would work beautifully below we have a picture of a squirrel being used as a welcoming beacon at an exterior door.


Decorative filament bulbs image 5
However if you are looking for some indoor ideas for Squirrel and Tubular bulbs then a cage style of fitting is a great way to create a modern industrial vibe.
Decorative filament bulbs image 6


Globe Bulbs

Decorative filament bulbs image 7

Globes much like Squirrels and Tubular bulbs are designed as a decorative alternative to standard shaped bulbs. The size of the globe bulb, though, makes it very noticeable. The decorative filament also adds to its eye catching quality. With this type of bulb you can really make a design feature out of your lighting. As you can see from the example below they look fantastically stylish even when displayed in a bare pendant.


Decorative filament bulbs image 8
On the other hand if you are looking for fittings that will take a globe bulb it basically comes down to the size and style. Of course you need a fitting that can accommodate the size of a globe in terms of the shade, but also it needs to be suited stylistically. Globes are very eye catching so make sure they work with the fittings and the décor. The example below is of a large open fitting that can easily accommodate a globe both in terms of size and style.

Decorative filament bulbs image 9


Standard GLS Bulbs

Decorative filament bulbs image 10

GLS bulbs are simply your standard size normal shaped bulb and a decorative filament GLS can, obviously, go anywhere a normal one can go. This leaves the field wide open for you to use a decorative filament bulb wherever you like. The first example below shows that even something as grand as a chandelier can look wonderful with a GLS decorative filament.
Decorative filament bulbs image 11


At the other end of the spectrum you can also use this type of decorative bulb to give a garden fitting an extra bit of inviting charm.

Decorative filament bulbs image 12
Well there you go I hope we have managed to give you a few good ideas to get the ball rolling. Why not have a good at our full range of decorative filament bulbs.

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