Wire Lighting

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Wire lighting is an ultra-modern and an exceptionally stylish way to light almost any space. These lights fuse the height of contemporary design with innovative versatility, making then even more flexible than the track system. Whether you have a creative project in mind that needs the right type of lighting or are simply looking for something cool for your home, wire lighting is the perfect option.

What are the benefits of wire lighting?

  1. You can easily reposition the lights to suit your mood and your ever evolving interior design ideas.
  2. They are perfect for where it is not possible to install track lighting, such as ceilings with beams running along them.
  3. Wire lighting can also be wall mounted giving you more options and control over how you distribute the light in your home.
  4. They are a modern and decorative feature in themselves. Just by adding this type of lighting to a room it will instantly appear more contemporary.
  5. Flexible in every sense of the word.

How to get the best out of this type of lighting?

When positioning the lights try to consider, what are the best features in the room? What are the areas you really want to highlight and what areas do you want to hide? Also consider how you use the room. Where do you want the light to be placed in relation to where, for example, you like to sit?

What type of décor does the wire lights suit?

Without a doubt a contemporary setting is perfect for this kind of lighting solution. They will also work well in an environment where the room is cleaner and has minimal décor. They may not work so well in homes with a lot of clutter that are more traditional in appearance.

What room will they look best in?

You would naturally associate this type of functionally flexible crisp lighting with rooms like the kitchen, hallway or dining room. However some of our wire lighting systems come with dimmers so they may also be suitable for more relaxed areas such as the living room or the bedroom.

This is only a guide though trust your own opinion of what works best in your home.