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Track Lighting

Track lighting is a modern, innovative and especially versatile lighting solution, and when we say solution we mean it. The flexibility in the quantity of lighting you can install is immense. The tracks join together so you can select the amount of lights you need. Track lighting puts you in control and lets you get creative with the distribution of light and the quality it can add to your interior design.

Are track lights right for you?

Do you need flexibility?

A track system is often used in a commercial setting to add emphasis to products or to draw attention to desired areas. Applying these principles in your home will help you shed light on specific areas such as pictures, fireplaces and interior design features. You can also use them to bring out the period features of your home. Conversely you can also keep light away from areas where you don’t want it, such as the TV screen.

Do you need lighting you can adjust?

Tracks are one of the most versatile lighting options. Let’s say for example you are having a party at the weekend, and you want to create a fun atmosphere. You can simply angle the light fittings towards the ceiling to create a softer and cosier affect. For more information about track lighting click here.

What room are you thinking of putting them in?

The kitchen?

A track system is perfect for distributing light exactly where you need it. It will bring out the best in a modern kitchen design.

The hallway, staircases or landings?

Track lighting is the perfect solution for these tricky areas, you can spread light safely down a landing or staircase. You can also join tracks together to create an even lighting effect all the way along your hallway: straight connectors, corner connectors and T-connectors are all available to help you create the design you require.

The office?

Again tracks are spot on for the office offering the luxury of even light that can be angled exactly where you need it.

Read more about Track Lighting

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