Hallway Pendant Lights

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The entrance to your home is important to get right. When you, and your visitors step through the front door, you want your home to feel both welcoming and impressive – and once your wall décor is in place, the lighting is the next essential step to get right.  It is likely that you want the first impressions of your home to be that your home is stylish and beautiful – and the right lighting can help you to achieve that.


The key to great hallway lighting is to assess the space, and choose the size of the light fitting according to the size, shape, and style of the hallway. For example, entrance hallways with high ceilings are suited to grander styles that make a statement – chandeliers, cluster pendants, and single pendants are all great options. Smaller hallways with ceilings that aren’t quite so high can look great with bar pendants – as long as there is plenty of clearance for people to pass underneath, of course. Longer hallways can suit contemporary bar pendants, or multiple pendants to fill the space more effectively. 


There are options for every style of interior décor, and shape of hall. Traditional homes look fantastic with pendants that feature brass, gold, silver, fabric, and glass, while homes with contemporary styling have even more choice. Modern interior styles are complemented by industrial style pendant lighting, and contemporary styles that are made from tougher metals in black, white, and gold, have exposed bulbs, cage designs and hanging lamps made from unexpected materials such as concrete.


For upstairs hallways, there may be a need for a dimmable hallway light, since lower levels of lighting can be particularly useful when family members are ill. Many of our styles are dimmable, and can be controlled by an app, so you don’t need to worry if the light has been left on when you’re already back in bed.


When you’re choosing pendant lighting for tall hallways, it is well worth considering the practicalities. LED lights tend to be much longer lasting than traditional bulbs, and with much less maintenance required, the need to get the stepladder out will be much lower.


In many homes, interior hallway décor can sometimes be neglected, since they’re not perceived as places that we spend a lot of time in. But the reality is that we spend a lot of time in and out of the halls of our home, as we pass through to other rooms. Why not choose pendant lighting fixtures that you love for your hallways, and that you can appreciate and enjoy each time you pass them?