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  1. Luxia Isla 12 Light Cluster Ceiling Pendant - Multi Coloured

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Hallways in the home can sometimes be neglected in the home – we don’t spend an awful lot of time in them in one go after all, they are simply there to connect the rooms. But when you think about it, we spend a lot of time passing through them, and there isn’t any reason that our hallways shouldn’t be as stylish as the rooms in our home, particularly when you consider the hallways that are adjacent to the front door. Those first impressions are important, and a stylish ceiling light in the hallway tells your visitors about your taste in interior design, as well as pleasing you when you walk through.


There are thousands of different options when it comes to ceiling lights for hallways, and so it can feel a bit bewildering when you start looking. Getting the best hallway ceiling lights for your hallway depends very much on the space. The size and shape of the hallway, the colour of the walls, and the interior design style that you have already chosen (both in the hallway itself, and the rooms off the hallway) all factor into, and influence the type of lighting that you choose.


Bigger hallways, and higher ceilings will be much more suited to bigger fittings, and dramatic lighting options that take up more space. Chandelier lights are perfect for these types of spaces – since they really make a statement. Darker hallways without natural light can benefit from chandelier lighting with lots of crystals too, as they help to scatter the light effectively. If you choose a chandelier style, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient clearance below the lowest point of the fitting – risking injury from walking into lighting isn’t great.


For smaller hallways, and those with lower ceilings, flush, or semi-flush styles are usually better, but this doesn’t mean boring – far from it. There are decorative styles that are pretty, some that are striking, as well as more neutral styles that allow your décor to take centre stage.


Whatever size hallway you have to work with, you’ll find ceiling lights to suit in our range. Modern homes that are styled using industrial, or minimalist influences look great with metal ceiling lights, whether in gold, silver, black or white. Modern lantern styles, cage designs and exposed bulbs all suit, but that isn’t where the choices end – wood, and unusual materials such as concrete can suit too, whether you want your lighting to complement or contrast with your décor. Traditional and rustic style homes can look great with these styles, as well as antique and classic style ceiling lights.


When you’re choosing hallway lighting, look for LED ceiling lights, and those that can have LED bulbs installed. They are perfect for hallways that lights tend to get left switched on, as they use minimal power – keeping your electricity bills lower, and in many cases, allowing for different light colours, and dimmable functionality too.