Gold / Brass Ceiling Lights - Brown

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Whether you’re looking to make a style statement, whether that is by adding a traditional style light fitting, or a sleek complementary accent to a room, gold and brass ceiling lights can often be the answer. Gold and brass are an elegant choice of material that can suit both classic and modern decor styling, and both gold and brass ceiling lights are suitable for nearly every room in the home – as long as you choose the right style to match the décor.


When it comes to gold and brass, there are actually a lot more options to consider than you might think. There are different shades of yellow gold, and not all gold and brass light fittings are bright and shiny! There are some beautiful matte effects, such as brushed gold and antique gold, there are on-trend gold light fittings in contemporary shapes that incorporate black and white elements, and even rose gold ceiling lights that reflect a gorgeous, slightly pink-toned glow. All gold and brass ceiling lights can help reflect the light without causing glare, and help to brighten darker rooms. 


All types of rooms throughout the home, from bedrooms to kitchens can be given a hint of glamour with glossy brass ceiling pendants, gold chandeliers that sparkle with crystals, or with traditional style lantern shapes. Rooms with nautical themes, such as bathrooms can be lifted further with polished brass ceiling lights – just be sure to check the safety rating before you buy. 


Our range of gold ceiling lights and brass ceiling lights is extensive, and includes affordable options, right through to spectacularly beautiful chandeliers and lighting options featuring 24 carat gold that would look perfectly in place in a mansion home.


When it comes to the format of our gold and brass ceiling lights, our best selling styles include ceiling lights in both traditional and modern styles with multiple bulbs, ultra-flat LED fixtures that sit flush to the ceiling, and spot lights. Our range is extensive though, and whether you’re looking for a subtle and discreet flash of gold, or you want your ceiling light to take centre stage in your décor, you’re certain to find what you’re looking for. 


As with all our lighting, our range of gold and brass ceiling lights includes models with dimmable lighting, lights with super-efficient LED bulbs, as well as lights that can be controlled using a remote or via an app on your phone or tablet, allowing you to move towards a smart home.  


We want you to love the lighting that you buy from us, and that’s why we offer full 60 day free returns – so that you can be certain that whether you choose gold or brass ceiling lights, you’ve made the right choice.