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Bedrooms need the most flexible range of lighting – after all, they’re not just used for sleeping. There’s getting dressed and ready for the day, relaxing and winding down in the evening, spending time with our partners, and in many homes, for retreating to throughout the day too. Because there are so many ways bedrooms are used, they need a range of lighting solutions too.


Ceiling lighting is the first thing to consider, and although flush lighting is an option, many designers, and homeowners are adding pendants to bedrooms as a stylish and functional accessory. There are so many shapes, styles, and colours of pendant lights that there really are options to suit every interior décor style. There are minimal hanging lights to suit minimalist bedrooms, or where light fittings need to be a simple or neutral colour, textured pendants that can create visual interest. Where bedrooms are simply designed, pendants can be ornate and lift the space in the same way that a piece of art may do. If you’re choosing a pendant for a bedroom with traditional styling, a chandelier style may suit, and for a more modern bedroom, an on-trend industrial pendant light may suit the look.


It isn’t just about a pendant light hanging from the centre of a bedroom ceiling either. Single, smaller pendants hanging on either side of the bed can be a great alternative to lamps on bedside tables, over dressing tables, or in the case of a child or teenager’s bedroom, over a desk, to highlight the space.


Because of the need to use our lighting in different ways, many of us have opted for dimmer switches throughout the home. Those older style dimmer switches are great in other areas, but being able to switch off your bedroom pendant without needing to get out of bed is even more ideal! There are many styles of bedroom pendant lighting that can be controlled remotely, either using a manufacturer supplied remote control, or for newer models, using an app that can be installed on smartphones or tablets.


Many of these models feature LED lights, and can be altered to suit your needs. On darker winter mornings, you might pick bright white light, to help wake you up, in the late afternoon, a warm white shade, and into the evening, a different colour, according to your mood. Not only can LED lights provide flexible lighting, but they also require much less energy to provide the same amount of light as traditional incandescent bulbs, and they last a lot longer – so you won’t need to replace your bedroom pendant lighting nearly as often as you would have in the past.