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  5. Edit Lippi Table Lamp - Terracotta

  6. Edit Dandy Desk Lamp - Black

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  8. Edit Dandy Desk Lamp - White

  9. Edit Orfeo Desk Lamp - White

  10. Edit Orfeo Desk Lamp - Terracotta

  11. Edit Tatlin Desk Lamp - White

  12. Edit Lanni Desk Lamp - White

  13. Edit Waal Desk Lamp - Green

  14. Edit Waal Desk Lamp - Brown

  15. Edit Pomader Desk Lamp - Black

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Office lighting needs to be practical as it goes without saying that the office is a place of work. The type of task lighting you will need depends greatly on the type of work being carried out. For a standard office conventional fluorescent lighting may do the job fine. However in an art or graphic design studio added desk lamps may help work that requires concentration to fine detail.

Any type of office lighting needs to be smart more than it needs to be stylish. It should also help to encourage the image of a serious working environment. It's a good idea to give thought to energy efficient fittings as office lighting is generally left on for long periods of time.

What sort of office are you trying to light?

For a business office?

Fluorescent tubes are a classic way to illuminate an office space with clear, sharp, bright light that is perfect for working under. Click here to check out our range of practical fluorescent tubes.

What about a small study?

Are you simply after a small light for a home office or bedroom study area? Our slick desk lamps are not only practical but also beautifully styled. They are just the thing to boost concentration when studying late into the night.

Or maybe for a studio?

Delicate work done by hand such as art or engineering may require much brighter lighting focused to specific points. For this type of working environment spotlights may be the most practical option. They are also easy to adjust making them an excellent source of task lighting.

A classic office look?

Are you after a stylised piece of elegant office lighting that will give your study the feel of status and power? You definitely need to have a look at our traditional range.

Office lighting needs to help people get down to business and concentrate. The right type of lighting can help you to get the most out of the working day. At Lighting Direct we aim to stock fittings that are suitable for all different types of jobs.