Conservatory Lighting

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The great thing about conservatories is that they naturally benefit from limitless natural light, so you may think that choosing light fittings for them is a purely decorative job. If you want your conservatory to be an entertaining space, especially by night, the lights you choose could make or break the ambiance and atmosphere, so it’s important to choose lights that both work with your ambitions for your conservatory and complement the surroundings.

Choosing lights with integrated ceiling fans is a decision that you aren’t likely to regret as conservatories can get very warm in the summer and a fan will help cool things down. A ceiling fan will also be an effective way of getting rid of any flies or wasps that find their way in and will encourage them to make a hasty retreat if they do wander inside.

Pendant lights with coloured or clear glass look fantastic in conservatories, especially if you add a warm light bulb with a decorative filament. They work best as a central light source in round or square shaped rooms, and even when the lights are off, the sunlight will reflect through the glass and create a lovely feature on its own. Adding a lamp – or lanterns with candles inside – can help produce a lovely intimate and relaxing atmosphere for evening parties or small gatherings in your conservatory. And adding twinkling fairy lights around the top to add some more sparkle is a great way to make a statement.

For longer or wider conservatories where you need a brighter spread of light, a bar light or spotlight plate is a better option. Opt for versions with LED light bulbs and you won’t have the worry of having to replace bulbs for years to come. Adding a dimmer switch will let you control the brightness of the light – and the mood of the room – at just the turn of a dial.