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You may not have heard of the lighting brand Soraa before, however it is more than likely that you have experienced their products in action, in museums, hotels or restaurants where the industry chooses them to help bring their spaces to life with their fantastic quality of light.

Soraa are the pioneers of LED lighting and the company began in 2013 with a line of high quality, energy-saving bulbs. They have since expanded to produce a vast array of professional lighting designed to enhance colours yet produce the most natural light possible. They also produce an extensive line of energy-efficient bulbs suitable for all around the home, everything from kitchen spotlights to bayonets for your lamps and pendants, that will consume a fraction of the power an incandescent or halogen bulb would.

The company was founded by Shuji Nakamura, a Nobel Prize winner and ‘Father of LED lighting’, whose aim was to create a light source that could mimic the most natural source of light: the sun. This is why the company is named Soraa which means ‘sun’ in kanji. They are responsible for the creation of Soraa Radiant LED which has been designed with ‘full spectrum technology’ meaning when these bulbs are used, every colour will appear as nature intended. Objects around your home will come alive whilst fruit, flowers and art will pop with their enhanced natural colour and the right bulb in the right room could even help you get a good night’s sleep.

His aim, whilst ambitious, continues today as Soraa continues to innovate and develop new products all the time. The company continues to develop and research, not only to create new products but to understand the impact lighting has on health, well-being, productivity and mood.

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