Smart Garden

Based in Oxfordshire, Smart Garden Products is a leading supplier of decorative and functional items for the garden. Created in 2003, the company has built up a strong reputation for design and innovation in solar powered consumer products, such as decorative lights, under the brand name Smart Solar.


In 2014 the company changed its name to Smart Garden Products and since then has launched over 600 new products, mainly in the decorative and solar range, including a new range of super bright solar lights which emit a stronger light source than regular solar lights (typically between 5 and 500 times brighter). Most of Smart Garden’s products are designed by their team in the UK and made to our specification with partner factories in Asia. Their aim is to give customers a broad product choice, outstanding service and constant innovation and it’s fair to say that Smart Garden have everything and anything the gardening enthusiast will ever need.

Currently, Smart Garden’s product range falls into the following categories:

  • Solar Lighting (Under the Smart Solar brand name)
  • Solar Water Features & Aquatics
  • Battery Powered
  • Lanterns
  • Clocks
  • Garden Decor and much, much more!
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