In 1986 Axel and Serge Van Den Bossche took over the Antwerp-based interiors company Serax, from their mother.

Today the Serax collection includes no less than 4,000 interior objects, ranging from original glassware to elegant dinnerware, textiles, pottery and small furniture. This collection reflects the key values ​​of Serax: innovative and accessible design. The company uses its own take on the current trends and that of florists and interior designers. To ensure innovation and creativity, Serax works with leading designers from all over the world to produce highly original lighting collections.

Accessible and functional design are the pillars of Serax and have been the basis of their collections for over 30 years. Often designers who produce collections for Serax will work with unusual materials, such as concrete and silicone, or produce lighting that is unique and out of the ordinary. Put simply, Serax lighting uses truly innovative materials and shapes, and this has inspired a diverse range which will appeal to any collector of designer pieces.

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