Luminosity Lighting

Luminosity’s vision is to create iconic home lighting. Their sculptural paper shades are inspired by the natural geometry of plant forms and bring a contemporary twist to the archetypal lantern. Their fascinating artistic inspiration drives the creation of unforgettable and incredibly intriguing pieces of lighting art.

Established in 2011 by award winning designer Claire Norcross, Luminosity creates stunning pieces that have been described by Sir Terence Conran as “design classics”. Luminosity takes their inspiration from the natural world and creates a versatile range of sculptural shades using the aesthetic qualities of specially selected papers.

Design process

The sculptural paper shades originate from a design process that is firmly rooted in the hand crafting of the material. Claire Norcross has an instinctive approach to structure and has adapted these traditional craft techniques to create a striking collection of contemporary shades. You can definitely say she takes a hands on approach at luminosity.

Natural Materials

Taking personal inspiration for her designs from sculptural forms found in nature, Claire Norcross then translates this inspiration into her chosen medium, be that paper, metal or glass. Her sculptural light shades use paper that has been specially selected.

Dazzle or Diffuse

Inspired by the nature of a pine cone and its ability to open and close according to the weather, each ‘aperture’ on this sculptural paper shade can be opened and closed to allow the light to dazzle or diffuse. The Aperture Light range is designed by Claire Norcross.

Award Winning

Luminosity had the perfect start to 2013 by being awarded best new comer at the Home exhibition, London. At Lighting Direct we feel this award is incredibly well deserved and is surely the first of many. The Aperture fitting is already a renowned design classic. It is innovative, imaginative and most of all memorable. We look forward with interest to what Luminosity will create in the future.

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