Insight Cordless Lighting

Insight Cordless Lighting are a British company who create high end, rechargeable and battery-operated table lamps and candle sets. Founded by father and son Nigel and Chris Fawkes in 2011, today the company supplies their high-quality cordless lighting products to some of the world’s top hotels, restaurants, bars and cruise ships but they are just as useful and effective used around the home. Insight Cordless Lighting’s staff has 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, so they understand how important lighting is, when creating ambience.

Cordless lamps and LED candles are a fantastic source of lighting if you are at all concerned with sustainability and conserving energy around your home as they don’t use any mains power. Choose reusable flameless candles and you can re-light and reuse them time and time again, removing the need for real candles on your shopping list, to create the perfect centre piece. They’re also super safe to use around the home, especially if you have pets or small children running around and they won’t release any potential harmful chemicals in to the air, either.

Colour-changing cordless lights are the perfect way to get the party started, indoors or out, and many can be operated by remote control allowing you to create fantastic displays and ambience, ideal if you’re a fan of entertaining. These days many wedding venues will only allow battery-operated table lights or candles for safety reasons so these are a must-have if you’re planning a wedding.

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