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Outdoor Fluorescent Lights

Our range of outdoor fluorescent lights are extremely hardwearing and will handle pretty much anything that the inclement British weather can throw at them. Many of these robust lights are British made and all of them are built to last. If you are looking for a strong and dependable light for an outside space these lights are perfect. Each light is IP (Ingress Protection) tested to indicate the level of water it can withstand. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that they are up to the job in hand.

Where can you install weatherproof fluorescent lights?

The Garden shed:

An outdoor fluorescent fitting is ideal for even the leakiest of garden sheds. If you need illumination to find bits and pieces in a cluttered old shed then this is the lighting option for you.

A garage:

Our outdoor fluorescents are perfect for installing on the interior of your family garage. They are an excellent safety fitting for both large and small garages, providing a high degree of light.

In a workshop:

If you have an outside project or hobby room one of our fluorescent lights is a good practical option. The broad distribution of light will help you get your work done.

The above are just a few installation suggestions for our waterproof outdoor fluorescent lights. Please bear in mind that fluorescent light fittings offer a versatile and practical solution to a wide range of lighting requirements. They can be installed pretty much anywhere where you have need for them.


Our waterproof fluorescents are extremely robust as many of them have been made from polycarbonate. This means that if you have one in a shed or out house they will easily withstand the odd knock and bump here and there. These lights carry an IP65 rating which means they are also resistant to dust and dirt, and they are definitely strong enough to cope with the cold of the British winter.

At Lighting Direct we take pride in offering you, the consumer, not only the highest quality of service but also the best quality product range available in the UK.

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