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Graypants Lighting

Graypants is a conceptual design studio founded in 2008. Operating teams in Seattle and Amsterdam, Graypants strive to realize ideas that are thoughtful; each Graypants project has a story.

Scrap lights re-use corrugated cardboard creating beautiful lighting from once lifeless materials.

  • light shining through cardboard


    Scraplights are precision cut with laser, then assembled by hand. Slight variations in colour and corrugation are a by-product of the handmade process and make your scraplight truly unique.

  • Quad light with plumens bulb


    Scraplights are made from salvaged cardboard and non-toxic adhesive. All shades are treated with non-toxic fire retardant and recommended for use with low energy bulbs.

  • Drum

    Scraplight aroma

    When you first receive your scraplight that campfire smell is not your imagination, we like to think of it as an aromatherapy bonus. The laser cutting process slightly burns the edges of the cardboard which leaves a lingering smokey smell. It will diminish over time.

Graypants Lighting

Founded in 2008 by architects and best friends Seth Grizzle and Jonathan Junker, Graypants is a conceptual design company with studios in Seattle and Amsterdam. Their time is divided between architectural projects and the manufacture of sustainable products from reclaimed materials. All of their various disciplines complement and inform one another so that ideas can evolve and be explored to their fullest potential.

Lighting made from recycled material

Graypants are particularly well known in the lighting industry for creating stunning luminaires from waste cardboard!

As unlikely as it initially sounds, the cardboard ‘Scraplights’ are widely seen as unique pieces of art and can be found in top class restaurants and plush offices around the world. They were invented almost as a creative afterthought—originally constructed from leftover cardboard by Graypants co-founders Seth and Jon as an ad-hoc means of lighting a competition display of sustainable chairs.

All shapes and sizes

Designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, every Scraplight is slightly different to the next because of the variation in corrugated form. Part of their substantial appeal is the mesmerising and atmospheric lighting effect they produce, with beautiful patterns being cast onto surrounding surfaces. Each lampshade is laser-cut for precision from locally sourced scrap cardboard and then assembled by hand with glue. Finally the fittings are treated with a fire retardant, which makes them suitable for use with traditional incandescent bulbs as well as low-energy equivalents. For extra icing on the decorative cake, Graypants love to pair their chic fittings with shapely Plumen energy-saving bulbs!

Unforgettable lighting

Whether you’re a householder looking for a special means of lighting your home, or a business-owner seeking to create unforgettable ambiance, it’s very definitely worth investing in the innovation of Graypants.

For a more in-depth look at Graypants read our Graypants lighting showcase.

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